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Sheth Jeebun: Healthcare Professionals and their Role in Society

Health professionals are those who help maintain the health of human beings through the use of medicine and care. Firstly, they study the disease, diagnose it, and treat it properly. So, they can prevent humans from illnesses and injuries and other mental and physical illnesses. They provide preventive and curative measures to promote health. It is because they have an ultimate goal of a healthy life for a human being. So, they do research for the improvement and development of concepts and theories. Also, they research the operational method for the sake of health care.

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What are the major roles of health care professionals in society?

Health care professionals play a vital role in health care for providing a healthy life. They are available worldwide for the people. They also play a significant role in society. Society becomes healthy and diseases free if the health professionals provide the people with accurate guidance on the disease. They play an essential role in society by

  • Provide proper medication to the patients with preventive medication.
  • They help in giving the precautions to prevent any disease.
  • Give education to the people about the prevention, cures, and other important tips.
  • Disseminate the information about how to live a healthy life.

Types of health care professionals

There are a lot of people belonging to different fields in the health care center. However, there are two main types primary care professionals and nursing care professionals. The types of health care professionals are:

Primary care professionals: They are those physicians where the patients first go to examine their problems related to health. Then further, primary care professionals are divided into different categories.

  • General doctor
  • Nurse practitioners
  • OB/GYN

Nursing care professionals:

In this, the whole nursing staff is involved.

  • A registered nurse is a nurse with a nursing diploma and license to work in the nursing field.
  • Licensed and practical nurses are trained to handle different types of medical issues.
  • Advanced practice nurses have more education than registered and licensed nurses. They have education in practicing the domains like community health, parental care, cardiac health, anesthesia, and psychiatry.
  • Specialty care professionals specialize in a particular field of medicine after a study for many years. For example, some specialists include neurology, urology, cardiology, psychiatry, and oncology.
  • Drug therapy professionals are educated at pharmaceutical universities, allowing them to give information about different medicines.
  • Therapists are also like specialists. But, they are responsible for helping the patients recover from injury and illness by working on physical aspects. These aspects include speech, movement, and coordination.

Sheth Jeebun’s role as a health professional in society

In society, many things in the health care field by Sheth Jeebun. He had completed his studies in nursing and started his career at an early age. He has 30 years of experience in nursing and the health care sector.

He became the founder of Aster health care. His goal was to provide free treatment and medication to those who could not afford their treatment. In addition, he donates his money to Aster health care organization for the sake of people’s health.

He also built three nursing homes in the United Kingdom to provide shelter and care to those who need it. Many older adults need special care and medication, so he provided them with all the facilities for the elderly. As well as give them home to the home environment.

Sheth Jeebun’s Statements:

He said, “I recognize the importance of sustainability in mitigating the impacts of over-consumption and carbon use. I am therefore committed to making all Aster Healthcare Homes completely paper-free by 2020. To do so, we invest in the latest technology that provides unparalleled care management systems. All this is for the tailored treatment of our residents. Such digitization will provide more efficient and accurate care and reduce our carbon footprint as a company”.

Sheth Jeebun said, “a key part of my ethos is giving back to the community and ensuring that I help those around us who are less fortunate. The pandemic of the last several years has truly highlighted inequalities that exist globally. I am incredibly proud to say that I have been sponsoring underprivileged children. In countries across the world in Africa, Pakistan, and India since the 1990s and will continue to do so. As a firm, we are also a corporate sponsor for several local charities including Plan International, Red Cross, Action Aid, in Aid of Care, Dignity in Care, Guildford Philanthropy, among many others”.


Due to health professionals, society becomes healthy, and people get help in all aspects of health care. Moreover, people can get proper treatment and medication due to health professionals. Also, they can prevent their life from other diseases by getting knowledge from health professionals.