Planning a Party for a New Baby? Here is Everything You Need to Know

The Party is For You as Much as For Your Baby

Not only are you celebrating a new life in the world, but you’re also celebrating your change in status as an adult. There is no way to train for parenthood just like there’s no way to train for intimate romantic relationships. You have to go through the process. Truly, those who think they’ve “come of age” before being parents are deluding themselves.

Parents see a child come into the world, mature, and grow to the age where they themselves can be parents.

This is a change in your consciousness as an individual. It’s the difference between a child and an adolescent. We grow from newborns to toddlers to children to teenagers to young adults to couples to parents. Each stage advances mental, physical, and emotional maturity.

So your party welcoming a newborn into the world, while definitely in celebration of the baby, is also about the new hat you’re wearing in society as a whole. With that in mind, here we’ll explore a few things you can do to welcome a baby into life with all relevant pomp and circumstance.

Plan For a Weekend Afternoon

First and foremost, you’re going to want the party in the afternoon at minimum, and ideally on a Saturday. In all likelihood, both mom and dad work after a newborn come into the world. Mom may be on maternity leave, and though there are modern options for paternity leave, in all likelihood, Dad is still going to have to work.

If both of you get paid time off, never mind; but know such a situation is the exception rather than the rule. So plan around your schedule. Plan the party for a weekend in the afternoon so the baby doesn’t stay up too late, and things are easier to clean up. A brunch-to-supper party is fine, with festivities wrapping up an hour or so before the evening meal.

Think About Outsourcing Party Planning to Family or Friends

If you’ve got a mother or a mother-in-law who is “chomping at the bit” to throw you a newborn party, let her. She’s likely got more resources than you do, and she’ll almost certainly spend money you can’t afford to on the party.

Not everyone has a passionate relative or friend like this. However, if you do, and you work with this person, it’s good for you, the baby, and your spouse. Ultimately, you reduce stress and increase your ability to really celebrate the new son or daughter in your life.

Lots of Snacks and Treats: Most Newborn Parties are “Dry”

Champagne isn’t inappropriate, but most parents of newborns prefer sobriety. You’ve got a huge new responsibility in front of you. It’s best not to be anal retentive, but for first-time parents, this will be hard. Newborn parties for second and third children may differ. At any rate, most newborn parties are best when snacks are substituted for adult beverages.

Cupcakes with blue frosting, and pastries with pink frosting, both if you’ve got fraternal twins; these are good options. Be sure to get enough refreshments for yourself and your guests, going overboard will leave you with leftovers, and as parents, you’re going to get used to leftovers.

Putting Together a Festive Newborn Celebration

Snacks are important for newborn parties. Outsourcing planning and management to trustworthy friends and family can save you time, money, and aggravation. Planning for an afternoon party also makes sense. Doing so on the weekend is even better. Being a new parent is worth celebrating, as is bringing a new life into the world. Accordingly, do so.