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Is It Better To Hire A Social Media Marketing Company That Can Do SEO And PPC As Well?

There’s a misconception in the world of digital marketing today that hiring a full-service digital marketing agency is risky. Surely if a business ‘specialises’ in more than one area of marketing, they can’t be all that good?

For example, wouldn’t a dedicated social media marketing agency be better at social media than a full-service digital marketing agency that offers social media marketing as an additional service on the side? What about PPC and SEO to boot?

In this article we’re going to explore this issue in greater depth.

Is it better to hire a social media marketing company that can do SEO and PPC as well?

The short answer is yes – potentially (though not always). It all comes down to the digital marketing agency in question.

Put it this way: this social media marketing company does offer SEO and PPC services as well. Now, your gut might tell you that they can’t be world-class at all three services. However, their social proof and case studies say otherwise.

And that is the key takeaway in this instance: working with a full-service digital marketing agency can be the superior choice – as long as they have the reputation to support them.

Again, with over 500+ five-star reviews and 100+ case studies, the above agency is clearly very good at what they do.

What is the drawback with working with agencies that specialise in one specific area of marketing?

The biggest problem that you will face when working with agencies that only specialise in one specific area of marketing is that things will start to get messy.

With a full-service digital marketing agency, you report to one agency. Everything is handled under one banner and all of your digital marketing campaigns have great synergy.

However, if you want SEO, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, and video marketing to boot; if you have to work with multiple individual agencies you are soon going to get stressed out with the overwhelming amount of back and forth going on.

It’s not worth it.

Not only that but it will be even more expensive when working with multiple agencies. You can manage your business’s finances better when you are striking a good deal on multiple digital marketing strategies under one banner and with one single payment.

Are there any drawbacks with full-service digital marketing agencies?

It all comes down to the individual agency. Again, in the example mentioned above, they are a clear example of a full-service digital marketing agency that are masters at what they do. Their results and the overwhelming support from their previous and existing clients is evident.

However, if you rush into the first agency you come across, you don’t do your due diligence, and you end up with a relatively young and inexperienced agency – you could run into some serious problems.


There’s always an element of risk when hiring a digital marketing agency and it can feel all the riskier when they appear to “specialise in everything”. However, as long as you put the time in, do the necessary research, ask them the right questions, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a truly reputable and capable agency to help you transform your online presence.