How to Make an Educational Website – Tips and Ideas 

An informative resource is one of the most challenging design types. However, the game is worth the candle since online learning is at the peak of its relevance today.

It is in demand by all groups of people, including students, private tutors, alumni, and businesses, since they all have specific needs. All they want is to enjoy a well-designed product that serves anyone from that side of the screen.

And when you think about how to make an educational digital space, the biggest hassle is to start wrong. You don’t want to make mistakes damping your spirits and thinking that it is a backbreaking task. 

The thing is that many advanced tools help make an informative product. The trickiest thing is choosing from education website design templates when unsure what to seek. However, do not dampen your spirits. Once you know who is your solution for, you know the answer. So, the first step is to find the right fit for you. 

How to Create an Educational Website 

The e-Learning systems have taken the world by storm since the pandemic became the new normal. Before you start, there is a thing to mention. Microlearning.

The learning and forgetting curves are the two cons that affect how we learn new information. As you might learn before, our memory is not consistent. There are ups and down, and memory can go back again.

Forget about hours in training. You learn the information split into small pieces. Every time you recall it, you use your memory savings. So, if your employee, for example, says, I don’t have time, you’ve got the solution – microlearning is quick.

Whether for good or bad, clip thinking is a natural process and is not worth changing students or fighting against it. Instead, take advantage of it.

Why Create an Elearning Resource? 

For one, that is pretty easy. That means the online world doesn’t lack powerful tools for creating web pages without coding issues. That shouldn’t be brand new information.

Next, it is a rich investment outlook. The millions of dollars that pump into it proves that. In addition, when you carve out your niche, an audience is already searching for your solution. 

And finally, e-learning is convenient and safe. That is a huge advantage if we remember what we have experienced lately.

How to Design an Educational Website?

You might think that the workflow sounds like a tempting idea. However, the trickiest part is to start. The online market abounds in beautiful ready-made solutions built to save time. Today every minute is precious, and we feel it like never before. That’s why there is no need to be an expert or have prior coding knowledge. Everything comes ready, so you get your hands down on the workflow without hassle. 

The Benefits of Creating a Learning System

#1 It is faster – when you use premium, you only customize it yourself. You create nothing from scratch but personalize it as per your taste.

#2 It is easier – no coding issues are involved if you go for premium themes. 

#3 You save money and don’t call in for pros to pay for their work. 

#4 You can reach a wider audience since distance learning is still a preference for many.

#5 Reuse your content multiple times and offer it to many clients. 

#6 Improve reach and retention 

Where to Start Learning Product Development 

You need to take several steps when you are full of ideas for an eLearning system.

1 – Validate your idea

That means you must collect information to ensure your product is in demand.

2 – Know your target audience

Every detail matters in age, interest, the free time they spend, and social media interests. Here, you understand the market situation, and how useful is your solution to the problem. 

3 – Take care of hosting

You can find many hosting providers offering you the best hosting services at special prices. But there is a trick. Not all hosting providers offer the same benefits you need to get started and grow your business. Some fit small businesses, others for beginners, while prominent companies offer top performance with the greatest functionality. 

4 – Invest in premium designs

Practicing WordPress themes for educational websites sounds like the perfect fit for many users. And in many cases, it is that. It is easy to use, popular, and has tons of beautiful ready-made layouts ready to serve your learning recourse.

But you don’t need to limit yourself.

Take the time to learn your options, and you will find other beautiful, powerful options built on different CMS platforms.

  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Joomla
  • PrestaShop
  • OpenCart
  • Drupal
  • MotoCMS 3
  • Magento
  • VirtueMart
  • Landing page and there are more to add to this list.   

Which one to pick? You know your business better than anyone out there. So, you decide. You see the idea behind your learning resource, and your task is to find the solution to help your vision grow into a successful business. 

Whatever platform you use, ensure it has the key features that include:

  • Built-in SEO tools
  • Competent publishing tools
  • User-friendly administration
  • Social media integration 
  • Useful analytics
  • Data-safety
  • Amicable support
  • A breeze workflow

And since there is a general idea that Drupal is a nice pick for education product development, check your options. Don’t stop there even if you think the same. Often the devil is in details. Ensure the platform you pick matches your business requirements.

5 Personalize your pages

That is the most creative part of the workflow that might open up your hidden talents—searching for education design tips and open-world secrets. There are many and you need to learn them.

The Best Examples of Learning Layouts for Inspiration

Now, get some inspiration for your next e-learning system. The thing is that applying its best practices on your site is easier than ever before.

If you prefer clean, airy spaces, take inspiration from the Harvard University page. It uses its homepage in a way that saves valuable space.

Want your edu system to look like that? Easily. Learn how far you can go with Intense Multipurpose HTML template. It is safe to say that with it, your layout opportunities have no limit. This powerful option includes a collection of ready-made page layouts for all occasions. Above all, Intense is easy to customize thanks to its clean, valid HTML 5 code that follows modern SEO practices. There are much more things to say about this feature-rich theme, but you’d better see it yourself.

If you want to add bright colors to your e-learning page, check out Canadian Academy. The home page has animation and bold fonts to bring its authenticity to life online. Pay attention to the creative font choices, bright colors, and images.


If you think that your educational spot doesn’t look like a creative space, try Language School MotoCMS 3 template. You will like its bright, fresh design that looks amazing across all smart devices. It is also a nice choice for various web projects looking for a way to stand out from the masses. And sure, the template has perks you are more likely to enjoy.


Even now, when you come up to the end of the article, you still might have questions on how to make an eLearningl product. And that is nothing to worry about. That is okay to look for answers when you don’t know where to start. And that’s where prominent marketplaces like TemplateMonster come to the rescue. 

Aside from walls of text, do not skil video tutorials. You will see five various ways to use premium themes in a more creative manner.

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FAQ About How to Make an Educational Website

What Is the Best Website Template for Elearning Development?

The template you decide to go with when creating your next eLearning resource is a very important step to make. It will help you succeed or fail. That is why it is strongly recommended to check all your options. It is okay to have several favorite layouts. Now, take the time to check their features until you pick the layout that serves you the right way.

How Much Does It Cost to Create an Edu Product? 

There is no quick and easy answer here. It depends on many factors. If we talk about custom web design, the price can go as high as $100K for the final project. With a premium template, you save a lot. Even if you purchase the theme with all possible goodies, the price is much more affordable. Plus, you have control over your web resource and might change it whenever you want it.

How Can TemplateMonster Help You?

For one, the company is over a decade in the web design industry, which means a lot. Next, its marketplace has over 200K of premium digital products. Start with WordPress themes for educational websites. No doubt, it is a nice choice. Whatever platform you pick, you will find a galore of ideas for the next project. 

What Makes a Good Educational Recourse?

It is smart to start with competitors. They have been in business for some time, so they follow trends that help them to stay ahead of the market. Next, study your target audience and their needs. Once you have all data, you can move to the themes and see which one is the best solution for you.