How To Get Internet Connectivity Without Cable Hassle?

In today’s time, phone ones and connectivity through the cable are becoming a part of the past. However, with the upsurge of wireless technology, most things are getting remote, and so is internet connectivity as well. 

In Australia, more and more households are choosing wireless technology to access various internet services. Conversely to phone or cable connections, wireless technology has made things a lot easier and more comfortable. There is no hassle or ambiguity of wires or weather effects. However, several options are available, it is not difficult to compare broadband plans and choose the right one. 

Consequently, internet connectivity can be established by making use of a combination of phone lines, cables, and satellite internet. Still, you don’t need to worry about managing the cables, or antenna to get a clear internet network. All will be done using National Broadband Networks, generally known as NBN.  This will connect your home and provide a strengthened internet network without any breaks and halts. We have compiled a guide that will help you understand the difference and how you can decide which option is best for you. 

Table of content

  1. Looking For A Landline Or Wireless Internet?
  2. Ethernet Connection Is Old
  3. Consider Wireless Routers/ Modem
  4. Fixed Wireless Is A Great Alternative
  5. 5g Home Internet 
  6. Keep The Internet Without A Landline
  1. Looking For A Landline Or Wireless Internet?

Before you get any service for the internet make sure to have a player idea with you looking to have a Landline connection or a wireless internet. Or in other words, you can have Wi-Fi without a phone line. This will allow you to access the internet via the cables and the satellite of Technology. If you opted for satellite Technology it allows you to access the internet from your mobile phones while networks. In this way, radio technology is used to transmit information wirelessly. Currently, in the market, 5G is the best type of cellular network providing fast and smooth internet access. However, if you are still comfortable with the landline you can rely on Ethernet wireless routing. The Ethernet connection is getting old but it is still the best way to connect to the internet.

  1. Ethernet Connection Is Old

Itna connectivity is a great way of connecting your devices to the internet but it requires a cable connection or wires to connect to the internet. If you currently have a landline service in your home you can easily get an internet connection that offers fast and reliable internet connectivity. Relatively easy to install each and its connection provides great Internet signal strength. However, it does not allow you to connect report devices like laptops and mobile phones. To get your portable devices connected with an ethernet connection you will have to get them connected via wires. 

Undoubtedly it is a great way to get a home internet connection but on the downside, it is fairly Limited when it comes to portability. Also, the Ethernet connection gets old and the Wi-Fi routers would have taken its place. But if you are still looking to have an internet connection using your phone line, an ethernet connection provides the best.

  1. Consider Wireless Routers/ Modem

Sometimes treachery, the wireless routers or modems are still using the cables to get connected. However, the signals they are conveying are wireless. But for the connectivity of the modem or wireless routers, cable lines are required. The devices are called wireless because they are providing WiFi signals from the modem to the nearby areas via radio waves transmission.

Certainly, these are t ways to connect portable devices such as laptops and mobile phones to the internet. However, on the downside, wireless routers or modems often get slow when compared to cable connections. But, within less distance, wifi modems work extraordinarily. 

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  1. Fixed Wireless Is A Great Alternative

Fixed wireless connectivity is a great alternative to getting connected to a great internet service. It does not require a phone line cable connection and can be accessed anywhere. This connectivity uses an antenna fixed to your house. This antenna will further connect to your mobile or device to get you connected to the internet. It is the relatively cheapest way to get connected to the internet without the trouble of cables. 

  1. 5g Home Internet 

5G home internet is one of the favorite choices of wifi lovers. Because of its high-speed internet connectivity, it gives you a data speed up to 1000 Mbps. This wireless technology is a great rival to even the fiber networks.  It does not require cable connectivity or phone line connection,  the service area of 5G internet is very limited. 

  1. Keep The Internet Without A Landline

Are you looking to get rid of your landline and keep the internet active? If yes several service providers are offering civil plans. Compare broadband plans specifically tailored for internet access without a landline portion. With a variety of speeds, these plans can explicitly cater to households that see high-quality gaming or streaming access. 


Are you concerned with the high-quality wireless internet service to your home without a phone line? Several service providers offer internet plans combined with your energy bills and provide you with a bundle of discounts for both services. Typically these plans will offer you a wireless router. You can also use a Wi-Fi booster to create a mesh network for your home for greater Wi-Fi coverage. Get the right service from your service provider and enjoy the fastest internet connectivity without the hassle of cables.