How to Design Creative and Converting Banners for Websites

Marketing can be done through various mediums, and digital marketing, in particular, has many ins and outs. A very popular form of modern digital marketing is banner ads. These small ads appear everywhere on sites and are immediately noticeable because they’re small, well-designed, and colored correctly.

Businesses are using banner ads to generate clicks and traffic to their website, but many don’t know the technical details behind implementing them. This blog will cover some extremely practical steps to make your banner ads work well.

Use Industry-Standard Banner Sizes

Banners are usually set to a certain size when creating them. The industry standards have been set to the following dimensions for those looking to put banners on their website:

  • 728×90px = Leaderboard
  • 300x600px = Half Page
  • 300x250px = Medium Rectangle
  • 336x280px = Large Rectangle

You don’t need to go over these settings.

Banner Placement: The Right Angle

After designing a banner, it’s time to search for the right spot to put your banner in. The usual recommendation is to put your banners near the main content where it’s easy to be clicked on. A good designer can shed more light on this issue by studying the layout of your website and understanding what you want to market. Additionally, an easier option is to use some banner maker tool that makes the whole process faster.

Include The Big 3 In Your Banners

Any banner will have a button, a visual component, and the brand identity it’s trying to attract buyers. There is a certain pyramid structure to how banners should be designed. You start with:

  • The logo: this one should include a statement that makes people understand what your brand is. Include it in the banner ad for maximum effect
  • The offer: this is the button. It should have a well-written copy to persuade people to check your offers
  • The call to action: your CTA should be personalized in a way that incentivizes people to do something. Try and manipulate words to create a sense of urgency

Follow KISS

The principle of KISS, which stands for “Keep It Simple Stupid,” is just that. It’s a reminder not to get lost in the details and to make your banners ads as simple as possible. Don’t write long banner ads because people don’t read lengthy writing, and be as direct about what you want to sell as much as possible.

Use Buttons to Increase CTR

CTR stands for click-through rate. Banners can bring a form of a revenue stream to your website. By sharing links to your banners, you can generate a considerable number of clicks in a short amount of time. The key to doing that is to again take care of the design aspect of your buttons, especially the colors.

Use Appropriate Fonts to Make The Writing Legible

If you use a font that’s hard on the eyes or requires too much focus, you risk losing the effectiveness of your banner ads immediately. Instead, aim to use a 10pt font size, avoid script fonts, and write your copy in uppercase letters.

Use Animations

Adding a hint of motion graphics to your ads is very powerful, although you need to strike a reasonable balance between too little and too much. If your banners are moving a lot, or you’re adding many things simultaneously, it can be distracting. You should use a motion graphic that lasts no longer than 15 seconds and doesn’t loop forever.

Keep Your Brand Consistent With The Banners

This is the last tip you should implement. Effective banners are effective because they take visitors to your landing page where your main product or service is. There, it should be instantly recognizable what you are trying to sell. 

If your banners don’t match up with the brand identity that you have created, you risk losing people’s trust and appearing as a scammer. Also, avoid contradictory promises; you’ll confuse your audience if your banner offer says something and your main page says something else.

In Short

This blog has given you the basic guidelines to keep when designing your banners. Of course, ad design is a whole field in and of itself, and there’s a wide variety and ways to make your banners stand out.

The best way to find the right banner design is to hire a professional graphic designer. With enough hard work and a well-researched marketing plan, you can create an appealing banner ad campaign that attracts people to your brand and converts customers into long-time clients.