How To Avoid Eyestrain from Screen Time

Time spent on computers and digital screens has increased dramatically over the past decade. However, while this resource and tool are great for work and leisure time, they can have a strain on your eyes from prolonged use. 

Throughout the day, we blink several times a minute. But studies suggest people blink less if they use any screen, such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone. This means fewer tears to keep the eye moist. When your eyes dry out more, you’ll start to notice things like itching or irritated eyes, especially if you’ve been sitting at your screen for many hours. 

So, how do you alleviate this issue? First, take a look at some top tips to reduce eyestrain from screen time. 

Take regular breaks 

Many people spend hours sitting at a computer for work. However, while you use it for your job, it’s good to take a break for a few minutes every half an hour. If you’re on your screens for longer periods, then try taking a longer break every couple of hours to reduce strain on the eyes. 

Get eye exams 

No matter whether you need to wear glasses or not, everyone should get an eye exam at least every few years. This will highlight any issues or show whether you need to wear glasses for computer or distance reasons. If you’re a glasses wearer, you could also consider laser eye surgery if you’ve had a consistent prescription for at least two years. This can help to improve eyesight without the need for visual aids. 

Work in good light

While it’s challenging to work in bright light situations all the time, it can help to alleviate eyestrain. Of course, your screen should not be brighter than the surrounding area, so try to use screens in a room that has lots of natural light. Failing that, remember to turn the light on in a room if it’s dull. 

Reduce glare 

Digital screens are bright, and this causes glare, which can strain the eyes. To reduce glare use a screen filter. This is a really easy fix and the screen fits perfectly over your computer, laptop or tablet to bring down the brightness. 

Give your eyes a break from contact lenses 

If you’re an avid contact lens wearer, you’ll already know that they can cause dry and irritated eyes after many hours of wear. Mix this with screen time, and you have sore and dry eyes after a day sitting at the computer. So while contact lenses are more convenient, it’s always helpful to give your eyes a rest every now and then to avoid eyestrain. Just pop your glasses on for a day or two every so often, and you’ll see a difference. 

Use eye drops

Sometimes you need a helping hand with dry, irritated eyes. So, a quick way to relieve them is using eye drops. They’re an affordable and fast way to moisten your eyes, and you can apply them when you feel you need them.