How Outsourced Bookkeeping & Accounting Services work?

A recent survey conducted by experts stated that 89% of small businesses described that they felt more secure when a professional accountant handled their accounting and bookkeeping services. Now you may think about what the process is and how you do it. There are many ways you can do it but you have to choose what would be the best for your needs. You can even hire a certified public accountant to do your bidding but this is an expensive option that sometimes doesn’t generate the results that businesses are looking for. My Tax team suggests that you should get outsourced bookkeeping services.

Many small businesses have started to get outsourced bookkeeping services in Dallas. This helps them to get experienced accountants with updated technology for the best solutions to their needs.

Outsourced accountant:

  Basically, an outsourced accountant is a person who works for you on part-time bases. An outsourced accountant manages your bookkeeping and accounting. They take the accounting responsibility from the business owner if they are doing it themselves or the employee who is doing it. Outsourcing accounting is a great solution if you don’t have a budget or desire to do internal hiring.

Process of outsourcing accounting

One of the biggest flex of getting an outsourced accountant is that you have the flexibility to pay for the services you need instead of paying a wholesome amount even for the services that you don’t require. Commonly an outsourced service provider will start with some assessments to determine what services you need and what will be the best approach to complete your goals. Afterward, they will send you a proposal with the services you need and what will be the related costs. In many cases, it is just the implementation of new technology that will make your accounting work easier and give you a better understanding of the data. On the other hand, they can also tell you to use different accounting methods so that you can improve internal controls and even improve processes. Hence working with the right firm can make big difference for your growing company.

Reasons to outsource accounting

There are many reasons why you need outsourced accounting services. However, some of the main key points are

Save Money:

If you are a small business owner you might not have a big budget or capital. You have to spend your money with care and intelligence. This is why outsourcing would be a great plus for you. Small business owners should hire a firm to do their bookkeeping bidding as they charge less than a full-time accountant.


Many times we see people making the mistake of hiring a single person to cover many services. In many scenarios, small businesses cover a variety of things. Every organization regardless of its size has a wide range of accounting needs from basic bookkeeping to financial forecasting. These processes must be done by the people who have the right skills and mindset. For example, a bookkeeper would be a great choice to make a cash flow forecast. Likewise a CFO would be great for doing day-to-day transactions. However, an accounting firm can easily perform all these tasks single hand.

Save time

Time is the currency that every entrepreneur wants in large amounts. They know its value but they always use it unproductively. If your business starts to grow you need more time to spend on it. Additionally, you need more focus to do an accounting of a growing firm. According to a study, small businesses spend almost 120 working days per year on bookkeeping and other administrative processes. So If you get an outsourcing accounting service you can easily spend more time seeing the big picture and let the third party handle your bookkeeping problems.

Will outsourcing bookkeeping services would be a great fit for you?

It is always important to know what the goals of your business are. Make a thorough analysis of what your finances are right now and what are your plans to take your business to next level. What is the step you have in mind to make that happen? Chances are that you have a lot on your plate and don’t have the time to think about these things. If yes you need My Tax Team to handle your accounting needs. We are providing the best payroll services dallas so that you can focus on these key issues and make future plans for business ventures.