How much does it cost to add a sound system to a car?

When you are driving, music always makes it more pleasurable. Everyone feels like listening to music while riding a car. Music and some other essential car accessories for a new car make your car journey memorable.

Sound system in a car

Nowadays, all cars have a music or sound system. But if your car is old and misses on it then don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We will guide you towards various sound systems and how much they cost and which one you should prefer. You may also want to upgrade the sound system in your car. Don’t worry this blog is for you too.

Some common sound systems:

Here, we will look into some nice sounding systems and at last I’ll guide you through the installation process in case you try to install them by yourself. Yeah you can do so!

Costly range

  1. Infinity Kappa series

If this feels new and unbranded to you then hold your horses. Infinity is a sub brand of Harman Kardon. Yeah, the same parent company that manufactures JBL and is favorite among us.

The speciality of the Kappa series is its treble and vocals. If you are a purist and want the most from your music without the bass damping the vocals then this will be the right choice. The treble is immensely sweet to listen to in this sound system and you should definitely go for it if you have the budget.

You also have an adjustable tweeter and you can adjust it for front and rear seat outputs. This makes sure that the sound isn’t irritating for you.

This is costly and can cost you about 19,000 rs. The MRP is around 19,000 and you should get some discount from any shop you purchase.

  1. Bose speakers (Hyundai Genuine Parts)

Earlier, getting Bose speakers for cars was really a far cry. Even if they were available they were extremely costly. They used to cost around 80,000 rs which is exorbitant.

But now, certain manufacturers like Hyundai have started including Bose speakers in their premium cars and so, now we can get these accessories for a cheaper rate. You can approach a Hyundai service center and ask for Bose speakers from Hyundai and they will provide it to you.

If you have a car like the Kia Seltos base model and you upgrade your sound system to this one then definitely you will feel the difference and enjoy it. Not only the seltos but a lot of cars come with a basic sound system. Most of the budget cars won’t have a good sound system.

If you get it from Hyundai genuine parts then it will cost you only about 18,000 to 22,000 rs rather than 80,000. Bose is known for its sound and everyone knows Bose and so this amount is worth it.

Cheaper range

  1. Infinity Reference

This is a much cheaper sound system compared to the Kappa series and costs half of Kappa’s price. This has a more blunt sound and the highs are not so rich. This will sound like any ordinary sound system but a bit better than that.

You can get this product at around 8,000 rs.

  1. Infinity Primus

This is a cheap stereo sound system. If you are planning to install a sound system because you don’t have one already then you may like it. If your car is old and you don’t wish to spend a heavy amount for a sound system in an old car then this is a decent choice.

It has infinity’s signature good sound but is cheap. It will be good for first time users as they don’t have huge expectations or judgment. This comes at just 4,500 rs.

  1. JBL CS790

JBL is from the same family and is known mostly for a bassy sound. So, you can expect that bass but not clear and thumping sound as this is a budget sound system. The MRP is around 6,990 but you can easily get this in shops for 4,200 rs.

I would like to suggest that you go with at least the JBL one for 4,200 rs rather than cheap local products. The local manufactured sound systems may cost you less but they will certainly be inferior as compared to these. Warranty is another thing that cheap local manufacturers skip on as these are unreliable.

Fitting of sound system:

It is advised that you don’t try to install the speakers yourself as you need to remove the door panel etc and you may damage something.

Go to a professional and if you are upgrading your existing speakers then it is easier as all the aftermarket speakers are meant to be fitted in the place of OEM speakers. You just need to remove your pre-installed speakers and fasten the new speakers with screws.

But if your car doesn’t have a sound system and you wish to install one then it will take time and it will need drilling etc and cutting of the door cover. Approach a professional who will do the job nicely.

So, to get a new sound system you will need to shell out around 4,200 rs for a brand like JBL. You may get cheaper local ones but that is not advisable. Check out various car stereos from here.