How is the eyewear industry moving ahead for sustainability?

What is your take on when it comes to environmental and climate changes? Well, we do understand the fact that there have been talks and amends being made to tackle the issue of climate change but is that it? Is that what we always wanted to do? Climate change has been discussed at various forums and the worst part about this is that they have remained just at the tables of talk and never to action.

That is definitely one sad part about all of it, and every industry and human is responsible for such worse climatic conditions.

The GenZ awareness

The talks might not have brought any critical changes but the constant mentions of the issue did cause a few sparks especially when it comes to Gen Z. Yes, they have become much more aware of the issue than any other generation would ever have.

The constant talks had made them aware of the ill effects and the changes that have been brought in. not just related to the environmental population or climate change but even also in regard to cruelty-free.

They make sure that the products they use have no ill or negative effects on the environment. This has forced many of the brands to change their work to something positive and pollution free. And this has also encouraged many start-ups and small brands to put much emphasis on sustainable working and development.

This change was not just related to a few industries, in fact, it was time for the eyewear industry to take emergency steps.

The turn of events in the eyewear industry

The industry was amongst the biggest producers of plastic waste in order to make glasses. Yes, they were highly dependent on plastic due to its easy cost and making.

But with the change in demand in response to the current generation, they have brought in some landmark changes to their manufacturing of the glasses. These include the complete change in the material in manufacturing the glasses.

This would automatically reduce the production waste and the waste after that.

The materials that are used in order to make it environmental friendly are:

Acetate- The plant-based plastic, that is exactly what acetate is, these are derived right from nature making it a much more sustainable and eco-friendly option. These are just like plastic but better than synthetic plastic. They are much stronger but at the same price as that plastic.

Titanium- Considered one of the eco-friendly metals, titanium glasses are recyclable. The best part about these glasses is that they are durable and strong making them a perfect pair for the one looking for a sustainable pair of glasses. Titanium metals are extremely flexible and are impact resistant as well.

Wood- Right from nature, that is exactly what this beauty is. Wood frame glasses are the best example of the most eco-friendly material to be used. These are the perfect example of elite fashion and perfect textures. Wooden glasses should be your next sustainable glasses purchase.

The ocean angle

It is not just the material that many brands have looked into, they have even explored several sustainable options that would help them add a part towards the environmental goals and that includes the ocean.

Nearly 80% of ocean waste is plastic and a few have found the option of making the best use of it. They collected plastic and broke and converted it into sustainable plastics that were used to make glasses. This way, many of them were able to actually make positive use of the plastic collected in the ocean in a positive way.

The ocean angle just does not end with plastic, even the fishing nets that are a great threat to marine life are also used to make the glasses. They are broken, moulded, and shaped into glasses, they are stronger and recyclable.

Throwing away the used glasses when a new one is bought, is another important cause of increased plastic waste. Many organisations came up with a donation program where they would give these glasses to someone much needed.

Another aspect that is super creative is that, a brand also came up with their way of using the used skateboards to make recycled wooden glasses. This way they are also in constant touch with the skating community as well.

Sustainability has always been an open choice but it only came to exist when the current generation took in the information and started acting against it. In such a way if every industry works towards the sustainable goal, there are high chances that we will be able to achieve the climate goals.

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