Health Benefits of Spending Time with Grandchildren

One of the best parts of getting older is having grandchildren. As grandparents, you aren’t tied to all of the rules, pressures, and responsibilities that you were as a parent. You’ve got more opportunities to enjoy your time with children without pressure, and it’s a great way to improve familial relationships. But did you know that spending time with your grandchildren could have very positive effects on your health and wellbeing? Here’s a look at some of those benefits.

Grandchildren Could Boost Your Memory

Many older people start to notice memory loss and other signs of cognitive decline. Often this leads to a move to memory care facilities for further help and support. While memory care facilities can slow cognitive decline and improve quality of life, having your grandchildren visit regularly can increase the benefits even further. Studies show that spending one day a week with grandchildren can significantly reduce the risk of dementia. 

They’ll Keep You Fit

Kids are fast. Even the very small ones often move about a lot more, and a lot more quickly than we could ever imagine. They are always on the go, never sit still, and they have absolutely no idea that the rest of us aren’t as quick as they are. Spend time with your grandkids and you’ll have to get up and move, you’ll enjoy long walks, time in the playground, ball games, and other outdoor activities, and even on days indoors, you’ll be up and down far more than usual. 

Improved Mood

Old age can be lonely and sometimes, a little boring. Grandkids can bring joy to your life. They are fun, they encourage you to have fun. They are also funny, and simply being around them can make you laugh. Young children will also give you lots of cuddles and affection, which can be a great mood boost. 

Knowing your grandchildren are coming to visit soon and seeing them regularly can also give you something to look forward to, lifting your mood days before they even get there. 

You’ll Both Learn New Skills

As a grandparent, there’s a lot that you can show and teach your children. But they also have plenty to teach you. You could tell them about the past, with examples and stories from your life. You could also teach them things like baking, drawing, and sewing, while they could teach you computer skills and how to play their favorite games. They could also teach you skills which could lead to great new hobbies and shared interests

Time with Grandchildren Could Mean You Live Longer

Studies show that older people who spend time with their grandchildren regularly can live longer and have a better quality of life. This is due to improved mood, more activity, things to look forward to, and reduced cognitive decline. 

Spending time together can be great for both grandparents and grandchildren. It can even help to build or solidify the bonds between parents and their children, bringing three generations closer together. Cherish this time with your grandkids and you’ll reap the benefits.