Hazardous Waste Authorization and License

What is Hazardous Waste Management

Hazardous waste management is a system for managing hazardous waste in an efficient way. hazardous waste is any solid, liquid, or gaseous substance or mixture that may cause harm to human health when improperly discarded or discarded improperly; or contaminate the environment to such an extent that it poses a threat to human health or heath if not properly treated, managed, and disposed of. Hazardous waste management involves following a set of safety measures and procedures to ensure that hazardous wastes are not disposed in an improper manner or they do not pollute the environment. The main objective of hazardous waste management is to prevent them from entering the environment and causing harm to human beings and other living organisms.

Hazardous Waste Authorization

The Hazardous Waste Authorization (HWA) process is used by facilities that produce, transport, or treat hazardous waste.  If you work for a business or organization that generates hazardous waste, you may need to apply for a hazardous waste authorization (HWA) from the Pollution Control Board.

An HWA is a document that identifies the type of waste being produced and where it’s going to be disposed of. 

The purpose of an HWA is to give the central pollution control board information about your company’s activities and activities so that you can comply with environmental regulations on environmental safety and pollution prevention.

Process to get Hazardous Waste Management authorization

  1. Within 60 days of the date these rules are published, submit an application in Form I to the state pollution control board;
  2. Additionally, “consent to establish” and “consent to operate” must be submitted with the application;
  3. Attach the required documentation, which must be signed by the person;
  4. Submit the form to the state pollution board
  5. The authorization will be given if the board decides the form is acceptable.

List of common documents for Hazardous Waste Management

List of common documents for all kinds of authorizations:

  1. Duly filled up an application in form – 1
  2. Copy of CTE granted by the Board (for first-time authorization) or, Copy of valid CTO (in case of renewal of authorization)
  3. Occupier/Authorized person Certificate issued by the Management of the applicant industry
  4. Copy of emergency response plan regarding procedures for dealing with emergency situations
  5. Undertaking or declaration to comply with all provisions including leakage, or fire while handling the hazardous and other waste
  6. Process flow sheet indicating equipment details, inputs and outputs (raw materials, chemicals, products, by-products, wastes, emissions, waste water etc.)
  7. Copy of proof of application submitted to the operator and authorized from concerned SPCB/PCC with copy of valid authorization issued from concerned SPCB/PCC (in case of renewal of authorization)
  8. Self-certified compliance report
  9. Copies of annual returns of the last 3 years (in case of renewal of authorization)