Golden Triangle Self Storage Review: A Full-scale Review 

Nowadays self storage companies have become really famous. These companies help to store your valuables and keep them safe. Not only that, they even take packages which are delivered to you while you are out on a trip as well.

One such storage company is Golden Triangle which is one of the largest self-storage Companies of San Diego. They have offices almost everywhere in the US. The company provides their clients a safe, dependable, and clean storage space. They even have reliable storage professionals who help to guide you.

They are dedicated to helping you with all of your storage needs while staying within your budget. Golden Triangle is a good option for storing your most delicate, sensitive, or priceless things. They have self storage units in San Diego and California. The storage spaces are climate-controlled and need a 30-day written notice to vacate before leaving. 

About The Company

Golden Triangle Self Storage company is a customer friendly company and definitely deserves a mention while talking about self storage in USA. They assist in making your transfer as easy as possible. All of their locations offer free moving trucks and driver help for their clients.

Their self storage units in San Diego and California offer rooms for cars, motorcycles, boats, semi-trailers, commercial vehicles, and RVs too. They also provide a special place where you may store even larger goods. If you provide a brief description of the items that will be stored, experienced managers can help you determine the appropriate size of the storage space here.

Among the best self storage companies that provide self storage units in San Diego they supply premium locks with a lifetime warranty at a reduced price to their customers. Not only that they also provide boxes and a wide range of other practical moving materials too to help their clients.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is a very serious issue at this company. For business and commercial purposes, they obtain personal information directly from you when you use their services. While signing up they gather your name, phone number, military identity number, driver’s licence or other ID number, email address, mailing address, unit number, and property information.

Golden Triangle self storage do not reveal any personal information to a third party. The only people they disclose your personal information to are merchants and service providers so that you can receive the services you need. They have security procedures in place to guard against unintentional loss, disclosure, misuse, and erasure of personal data as well.

Payment Policy 

If you are looking for payment friendly self storage units in San Diego then this company is the right choice. When it comes to payments, you can pay it in person, via mail, or online through a website as well. 

You can also set up a credit card where they can automatically charge you for the purchases you make and for the services you use. Here you can pay through anything, either by cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, or even American Express.

Delivery Policy 

When we talk about their delivery policy the most exciting fact is that they deliver for no charge. While opting for the delivery option scheduling a truck is extremely necessary whenever it’s most convenient for you. The driver will deliver a moving truck to your address. 

The only point that you should keep in mind is that the truck needs to be loaded, and then it needs to be driven back to the storage facility. In addition, they even offer dish saver kits, tape, and bubble wrap to ensure that your valuables remain safe even during transportation. 

Special Things About Them

Along with being one of the largest self-storage Companies in US they also work for the greater good. They give toys for tots, a local Girl Scout troop, and other charitable organisations because they care about their town and want to improve the neighbourhoods.

Additionally, they help the San Diego Food Bank by assisting neighbourhood families who struggle with hunger everyday. The mission of this one of San Diego’s top self storage companies is to assist in bettering the lives of those in the neighbourhood.

They also support blood banks and organisations that offer shelter to young people and the destitute.

Why Not Try It?

 Golden Triangle Self Storage is an outstanding company which offers self storage units in San Diego and California with utmost security. Not only that it is very much clear from the above information just how cautious they are with delivering the precious goods of their clients. 

After considering such valuable information the advice would be to give this company a try as they are making improvements days after days. They definitely deserve a chance from you as they consider their clients’ needs above all.