Glass Blunts Nectar Collectors to Vape and bubblers – A guide on Smoking Devices

Cannabis wins the race time after time, being the most powerful and used plant in the world – a plant with many methods and apparatus dedicated to its smoking. 

What are the most popular types of smoking devices

Choosing a smoking device for marijuana comes down to your personal preferences and what will suit your requirements, lifestyle, and goals. There are plenty of ways to smoke cannabis, but the question remains, what is the best option for you? 

Are you looking for a strong buzz, or if you want to get so high that you forget your name? Do you want to make most of your dry herb vape or want stealth smoking? 

All of this depends on the types of smoking devices you choose, so without further ado, let’s look into;

Types of Smoking Devices 

The options are unlimited, including;

Hand Pipes

Hand pipes are the most used and the go-to option for weed smokers. 

The pipes are easy to use, small, and come in multiple designs, shapes, and sizes. You can find many types of pipes so much as they have become collector’s items. 

Pipes have been around for centuries, passed down generation by generation by weed/tobacco smokers. 

Water Pipes

Two versions of water pipes exist, dependent on the size. 

The most used larger version is the bong. 

Weed Bongs

The weed bongs are water pipes specifically for smoking marijuana; during the puff, the smoke gets filtered through the water before being inhaled. 

Weed Bubbler

Bubblers are smaller than bongs and are a combo of a pipe and bongs. In bongs,, smoke filters smoke via water; these are easier to carry around than a bong. Bubblers are made from glass, but you can also find silicone models. 

Glass Blunts

These are perfect for giving you the experience of smoking a joint without having to smoke any paper. Blunts are exactly how they sound – a glass piece shaped like a blunt. Inside the glass apparatus,, there is a spiral chamber that holds weed; twisting it, some of the weed is twisted to the top. Like a glue stick pipe with weed inside. 

One Hitter

These are close to hand pipes but much different, having their own category. 

Like other hand pipes, these are smaller in size and convenient to use. One hitter can only be used once or twice at most, before needing a repack. They are similar to cigarettes. 

Dab Rigs

Weed can also be smoked as wax concentrate. 

Such waxes are higher in THC and need specific types of smoking devices. The most common one of those devices is called a dab rig – these look similar to the bongs. The only difference is the dab nail instead of a bowl piece. 

Nectar Collectors

The wax version of a pipe is called the nectar collector. 

Nectar collectors are the latest addition to the types of smoking devices used with cannabis wax. Just heat with a hand-held torch onto the narrow end of the pipe piece. 


Not as popular – but these are fun if you are looking for a quick counterpart to a bong. Just think of a nectar collector with a bowl piece on top. 

What are some other types of smoking devices? 

Blunts, Joints and Spliffs

All of these involve smoking of weed directly via a rolled cigarette, cigar, etc. Spliffs are joints that have different sizes and shapes. 


Vaporizers are available in multiple sizes – and portable vaporizers are known as vape pens. Some work with concentrates while use actual plants – both heat up the drug and turn it into a vapor that is inhaled. 

Vape Pens

Weed vape pens are similar to vaporizers and are known as dab pens, marijuana e-cigarettes, or as e-vapes. You can find many versions and brands of vape pens. These are either plants or concentrates. Vape pens do not smell and are preferred by people who consume drugs in public places. 

Vape pens are similar to e-cigarettes for consuming tobacco. Their usage is increasing, and many consumers want to believe that these are healthier due to no smoke emissions or combustion. Yet, there are no safe evidence to conclude if they are safer for consuming weed. 

Weed Dabbing

Marijuana or weed dabbing is a new way to use concentrates, and these are similar to freebasing other herbs. Users first heats up the concentrate heating plate of the device until vaporizing and then moves on to inhale the potent drug. It is highly concentrated and can be dangerous, however. 

Dab Rig

This bong-like device is used for smoking hash oils, shatter, wax, or hash out instead of the plant material or flowers. 

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