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Getting Rockspace Extender Slow Speed? Let’s Boost It Up!

Want to gain access to high-speed internet connection? If you nod in yes, then you must perform Rockspace WiFi extender setup.

What? Even after performing Rockspace extender setup, you are not getting desired internet range? No worries! We have got your back! In this guide, we have provided some essential tips through which you can easily boost the WiFi speed of your Rockspace extender. Read on!

How to Fix Rockspace Extender Slow Speed?

Power Cycle Rockspace Extender

One of the major reasons behind getting “Rockspace WiFi extender slow speed” might be overheating, or it (extender) is tired of working for too long. So, boost up your Rockspace extender and its WiFi speed by simply power cycling it.

Thus, to power cycle your Rockspace WiFi extender, follow the instructions provided below:

Step 1: Disconnect your Rockspace extender and existing router.

Step 2: Now, unplug your Rockspace WiFi extender.

Step 3: Wait for a few minutes.

Step 4: Plug your Rockspace extender back in.

Step 5: Allow the power LED on your Rockspace device to become stable green.

Step 6: Reconnect your existing router and Rockspace WiFi extender.

Step 7: Check the WiFi speed of your Rockspace extender whether it has been boosted or not by accessing re.rockspace.local.

Are you able to access re.rockspace.local? No? No problem! Ensure to get access to Rockspace extender’s SSID. Here’ to hope that you have now accessed re.rockspace.local, aren’t you? If your answer is yes, then that’s good news. The WiFi speed of your Rockspace extender has been boosted successfully.

Want more? Aren’t you satisfied with the currently boosted Rockspace extender WiFi speed? Yes? Well, we are just similar! Me too is always in a search of boosted internet speed. 

What I have done to boost up the WiFi speed of my Rockspace extender that, I am going to share with you all. Will that be fine?

Place Your Devices Closer

This is one of the best ways to boost up the WiFi range if your Rockspace extender by placing it closer to your existing router and connect them wirelessly.

The Rockspace extender and existing router can also be connected using an Ethernet source. But, the thing is – only make use of non-damaged and well-maintained Ethernet cable. Apart from this, it is strictly advised – not t make loose or unsecure Ethernet connection between your Rockspace extender and router.

Update Rockspace WiFi Extender Firmware

Your Rockspace WiFi extender comes embedded with latest firmware updates that takes care of its (extender) overall performance, stability, and security. So, if you haven’t updated the firmware of your Rockspace WiFi extender, it is recommended to do it right away.

Here’s how to perform Rockspace WiFi extender firmware update:

Step 1: Turn on your desktop or laptop.

Step 2: Connect it to Rockspace WiFi extender SSID.

Step 3: Open an up-to-date internet browser.

Step 4: Enter rockspace.local in the address bar. It is strictly recommended – do not enter rockspace.local in the search bar.

Step 5: Press Enter.

Step 6: Rockspace WiFi extender firmware update page displays.

Step 7: Follow the on-screen Rockspace extender firmware update instructions.

Disconnect Extra Devices

Another common yet major reason why you are getting slow Rockspace extender WiFi speed is because too many extra devices are connected to its WiFi. To troubleshoot the issue, it is advised that you disconnect all the extra devices that are connected to your Rockspace WiFi extender SSID.

Avoid WiFi Signal Interference

Make sure that you haven’t placed your Rockspace WiFi range extender near to baby monitors, cordless phones, Bluetooth speakers, etc. Apart from this, it is also suggested to place your Rockspace extender away from corners, doors, and thick walls.

Configure Rockspace Extender Properly

Incomplete or partial Rockspace extender setup may also lead you experience slow WiFi speed with it. So, to boost it up and to make the most out of your Rockspace WiFi extender, reset it first and then take the plunge to configure it again.

Once your Rockspace WiFi extender gets configured, you will get boosted WiFi speed of your Rockspace extender.

In a Nutshell

After following the aforementioned troubleshooting tips, you will surely be able to boost up WiFi speed of your Rockspace range extender.

So, what do you think? Did the tips provided in this post prove helpful to you?