Fun in Fort Worth: How to Delight Your Children in 2023

There’s plenty of fun that you can engage in within the four walls of your home, but the events spaces, activities, and exciting places that you can visit in the Fort Worth area can really turn up the dial for your child’s excitement. Whether you’re thinking of giving them a memorable birthday or simply a present to enjoy with their siblings, this article is about finding the fun in Fort Worth, including some of the most exciting and impressive event spaces designed for children in the city. 

Birthday Venues

This list starts with one of Fort Worth’s most exciting places. Search for a kids birthday party venue, and you’ll likely come across UrbanAir, the complex of exciting and mesmerizing rooms, adventure courses, and more that are contained within the same building. All this means that your children can engage in any number of memorable activities with their friends or just with their family while you can relax with a coffee and watch the fun unfold. 

Take a search through the venue’s website to see just what’s on offer. This is also a great option for those looking to celebrate an upcoming birthday in style, helping their children feel special and loved in 2023. Book yourself a room, and a set of activities, to really find the fun in Fort Worth in the coming year. 


On the other side of the spectrum, there’s nothing quite like a camping trip to excite the senses and to leave your children feeling a sense of adventure and wonder in the natural world. Fort Worth might be an exciting up-and-coming city, but one of its major highlights is what surrounds it, with lakes and rivers spread out over the surrounding miles. 

If you’re looking to find fun in the area, all you’ll need to do is purchase some camping equipment and get out there into the wild, setting up camp by a lake or river of your choosing, making a campfire in a safe location, and enjoying a night under the stars – a truly memorable way to spend a weekend.

Water Gardens

Finally, you may well have been sweltering earlier in 2022, when the heat waves were rolling in and the heat of the day felt oppressive at times. Being able to hop out into somewhere a little cooler was a huge relief in those weeks and months, and something that your children will also enjoy, should you plan to do something memorable with them in the summer months. 

You could do worse than heading into central Fort Worth to visit the famous water gardens, where you’ll be able to get a little wet in the fantastic steps of one of the city’s true great attractions. As well as the water gardens, which can get busy during the summer months, you can head a little further afield to Eagle Mountain Lake, where you can enjoy refreshments in a natural enclave with more space to enjoy with your young ones. 

These tips are examples of fabulous things you can do with your children in the coming year, whether to celebrate a birthday or simply to have fun on the weekend.