Free Ghostbusters and Veterans Day coloring pages for kids

Free Ghostbusters and Veterans Day coloring pages for kids

Coloring pages are amazing pictures that every child should know and play with; they will help children be more creative and intelligent and increase their ability to identify colors. But not all coloring pictures are suitable for children; it depends on age, interests, and, importantly, the meanings and benefits it brings. Ghostbusters and Veterans Day coloring pages are fun and unique coloring pages that kids can explore now!

Ghostbusters coloring pages: discovering the horror movie but also funny

Ghostbusters coloring pages

Printable Ghostbusters coloring sheets

Ghostbusters bring laughter to the audience

In 1984, the comedy-horror work Ghostbusters debuted and achieved success beyond the producer’s expectations. Ghost Hunting Squad seems to blow a new wind when carrying a bright and fun script when the image of demons is associated with pure horror movies. Ghostbusters became special because it pioneered a relatively novel way of filmmaking, combining the two genres of horror and comedy.

After many years, this cult franchise has officially returned, reuniting movie-loving audiences with Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Ghostbusters: Afterlife revolves around the story of a single mother, Callie (Carrie Coon), and her two children, Phoebe (Mckenna Grace) and Trevor (Finn Wolfhard).

All three people move to live in an old house in the town of Summerville, Oklahoma (USA) – where mysterious earthquakes occur without an answer even though they are not located on continental fault lines.

However, when moving here, all three mothers and daughters continuously encountered extremely mysterious events and appeared full of ghosts everywhere. In the end, Trevor and Phoebe used ghost-catching tools and started the “ghost hunting” war full of humor and wit.

When the ghosts from the New York event in 1984 began to appear, signaling an evil force was about to invade, Phoebe and Trevor followed in his father’s footsteps, bringing the “treasures” they had just discovered to protect their small town guard.

Three decades have passed since Ghostbusters debuted, and now it returns with a new look and new people. Suppose 30 years ago; this brand conquered the audience with a skillful combination of two elements: horror and humor. In that case, Ghostbusters: Afterlife promises to recreate that emotion fully and simultaneously bring a drama ghost hunt of the new group of characters with more modern and epic graphic colors.

Ghostbusters coloring pages bring funny pictures different from what we imagine

Ghostbusters seems like a scary horror movie, but this is funny and mixed with many unexpected situations. You can watch this movie with your family and young children. Who knows, after watching this funny movie, children will love the characters in the movie and look forward to coloring the Ghostbusters coloring pages.

Ghostbusters color pages are cartoon pictures of movie characters. Just like the humor of Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters color pages will bring attractive, funny pictures of funny ghosts. Children will love and create many colors for those pictures.

We select quality paintings suitable for children’s souls. Parents will not need to worry about whether the image of the characters is suitable for children or not? Children will surely enjoy Ghostbusters coloring pages and look forward to coloring more topics.

Through Ghostbusters coloring pages, children not only discover exciting characters and stories but also practice their skillful coloring skills. Children can practice coloring in the correct area with pictures and crayons, distinguishing objects and characters in the picture to choose the right color. Children must learn to observe, focus and color the small details carefully.

Printable Ghostbusters coloring pages also help children to be creative and develop thinking. When children play with colors, children will form the habit of imagining. When children imagine things and happenings and then express those things on paper, that’s when children practice memorization.

We hope parents can understand children’s psychology, interests, and the great benefits of coloring pages. Then parents will have the right choice for their child.

Veterans Day coloring pages: Learning about history’s great holiday?

Veterans Day coloring pages

Printable Veterans coloring sheets

Do you know Veterans Day?

Veterans Day is a holiday celebrating those who have served in the United States military. This day also marks the end of World War I. Americans celebrate this day to honor Veterans and remember their service to America.

Veterans Day is an official US holiday celebrated on November 11. People thank and honor all military members on this day for their service and dedication. Veterans Day is to preserve the image and merits of the brave soldiers who fought and sacrificed so much for the country. Courageous soldiers put on uniforms and fought hard to protect the country.

We must be grateful for their merits and sacrifices for peace today. Lessons in gratitude and respect will be demonstrated these days.

Meaning of Veterans Day?

There are many ways to show gratitude and respect to military members on Veterans Day. People hold memorial services, offer flowers, or remember veterans who have died. Children learn about the origin and meaning of Veterans Day. Children will understand their merits and sacrifices more and feel grateful for them.

Parents can let their children color the Veterans Day coloring pages on this day. That is also a meaningful thing for children to understand and feel the solemnity and meaning of this holiday.

Veterans Day coloring page is a small gift from children to show gratitude and respect

Veterans Day coloring pages are black and white pictures of American military personnel, thank you cards, beautiful bouquets, and American flags. Through those pictures, children can color carefully and skillfully and dedicate it to those who work in the military.

Veterans Day coloring page help show children’s respect and support for great veterans. Color and show love to those who gave their lives to help keep our country safe. No matter how strong or brave we may be, we can never be brave like soldiers and veterans.

Veterans Day coloring pages are not only a gift for children to study and play with but also an opportunity for children to express their affection and gratitude for the sacrifices and losses of people on this day.

Veterans Day coloring page also helps children be creative, develop coloring ability and practice agility. Coloring activities are beneficial; parents can collect more coloring pages for many big holidays. Children not only enjoy the colorful pictures but also learn and learn more about the meaningful holidays of the country.


The topics of coloring pages are always exciting and attractive to children. Each topic will have different benefits and appeals. Coloring pictures of movies help children discover good stories, funny stories, and the meaning of characters in life. Holiday coloring pages help children learn more about gratitude, appreciation, and the meaning of those holidays that we must remember.

Ghostbusters and Veterans Day coloring pages are suitable for children, so parents should consider and refer to them. We also have a lot of other coloring sheets with themes about games, cartoons, and animals for children to explore. Parents can visit our website regularly to update more special coloring pages!