4 famous Oktoberfest food you can make while wearing a dirndl dress

German food is as tempting as a dirndl dress. You cannot simply resist both in the first place. Germans are not only particular about dirndl dresses but also about food, especially when it’s Oktoberfest. 

Oktoberfest is known for vivid color dirndl dresses, food, music, dance, and Lederhosen men. 

Such a fun festival happens once a year but is worth time and money. You can have a gala time at Oktoberfest. It is a must-attend for all. Not only because you’ll get a chance to wear a trendy German dirndl dress but also because you can taste flavorsome food.

At Oktoberfest, you can play your part by preparing an easy-to-cook meal while wearing a dirndl dress. Also, remember that dirndls come in with aprons that make your dirndls look attractive and secure your dress from stains.

Following are the most popular food items of Germans. You can easily prepare it promptly. These easy-to-cook meals are less hectic and won’t put stains on your German dirndls.

Oktoberfest feast: easiest meals to cook while wearing a dirndl dress

Germans are fond of meat. It reflects in their entire. It is hard to see any veg dish at Oktoberfest. If you’re a meat lover, you must go to Oktoberfest at least once. You’ll have a blast over there! As Germans are warm-hearted and welcoming people. They are very particular about their traditions too. 

To ensure that the dirndl dress you wish to wear at Oktoberfest is trendy yet conventional. It is all about how well you blend in with the natives.

Food is also a way through which you can win the hearts of the Bavarian people. 

We are here to share some of the most popular and easy to cook food items you can prepare for them.

  1. Pretzels

No Oktoberfest is complete without Pretzels. It is the most popular super easy to prepare food for Oktoberfest. The beauty of these Pretzels is the twisted knots that instantly catch the eyes. Moreover, the freshly baked golden-colored Pretzels are soft and have a traditional taste of Germany.  

The secret ingredient of these Pretzels is baking soda. These pretzels are boiled in soda water to give a traditional essence. This twisted knot bread is convenient and fun to make. You can get an authentic recipe for Pretzels over the internet.

2. Roast chicken

Did we mention that Germans are meat lovers? Yes, we did! You can easily witness it if you get a chance to attend Oktoberfest. It is the juiciest and tender food item at the fest. It is a classic Bavarian dish mostly found at traditional weddings and fests. 

Freshly baked roast chicken is served with a chilled beer! And you can’t have a better food combination than this. It is cooked on slow heat on a grill. There are chances to get stains while marinating whole chicken with paprika. However, a German dirndl can easily be saved with an apron. You can feel more Bavarian than wearing a dirndl dress and making the most flavorsome roast chicken.

3. Roast pork

One of the most famous dishes of Oktoberfest is roasted pork. You can use shoulder cut or lion cut meat for it as it is the juiciest meat. Roasted pork is prepared with dark beer and lots of onions. You can also add a dash of black pepper and mustard to make it more flavorsome. 

4. Sausages

We save the best for the last. Sausages are the most loved food of Germans. You can easily witness around 40 dishes in a traditional German event made of sausages. 

Also, they are fond of eating it as grilled, pan-fried, and poached. If you wish to win over Germans, then it is time to prepare a sausage dish while wearing a dirndl dress.

No matter what, Oktoberfest is not to be missed by anyone. It is one fun-filled event. You can dance to the traditional music wearing a German dirndl all day long. Colorful dirndl dresses also add more colors to this fest. You can never have a bad day at a formal event as there is so much to do and eat at Oktoberfest. It is time to make your way through and get yourself the most vibrant dirndl dress. 

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