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Ensuring Safety with IPEMA-Certified Playground Surfacing

Playgrounds are a place where children explore, create, and let their imaginations run wild. However, ensuring the safety of these little adventurers is paramount. Softline Solutions, a trusted name in playground surfacing, is committed to providing not only a fun and visually appealing environment but also a safe one. With certifications from IPEMA, a globally recognized authority, Softline Solutions guarantees that their playground surfacing is designed to withstand falls from 6ft and 10ft heights. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of IPEMA certification and how Softline Solutions is leading the way in creating safe and enjoyable play areas.

The Importance of Playground Safety

Playgrounds are more than just a place for kids to have fun; they are an essential part of a child’s physical and social development. However, they can also be the site of various accidents, especially falls. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 200,000 children under the age of 14 are treated in emergency rooms for playground-related injuries each year in the United States. Many of these injuries are due to falls, making playground surfacing a crucial component of playground safety.

Playground surfacing serves as a protective layer that cushions falls, reducing the risk of injury. It’s essential for surfacing materials to meet specific safety standards and regulations to provide a safe environment for children to play. One organization that plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of playground equipment and surfaces is the International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA).

IPEMA: A Globally Recognized Authority

The International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) is a not-for-profit trade association that represents and promotes manufacturers of playground equipment. One of its primary roles is to provide certification for playground equipment and surfacing. IPEMA certification is highly regarded in the industry as it signifies compliance with rigorous safety and quality standards.

IPEMA certification involves rigorous testing and evaluation of the playground equipment or surfacing by third-party testing laboratories. To achieve IPEMA certification for playground surfacing, the material must pass tests that measure its ability to attenuate shock, minimize head injuries, and protect children from falls. These tests simulate real-world scenarios and ensure that the surfacing can withstand the impact of falls from specified heights.

Softline Solutions: Certified for 6ft and 10ft Fall Heights

Softline Solutions understands the critical role that playground surfacing plays in creating a safe and enjoyable play environment. Their commitment to safety is evident in their IPEMA certification for playground surfacing that can withstand falls from both 6ft and 10ft heights. This certification underscores their dedication to providing high-quality and safe surfacing solutions for playgrounds.

Certified for 6ft Fall Heights

Softline Solutions offers playground surfacing that is certified to meet IPEMA standards for 6ft fall heights. This certification ensures that children playing on Softline Solutions’ surfaces are protected from injuries in the event of falls from this height. The materials used are carefully tested and chosen to provide the right level of shock absorption and protection.

Certified for 10ft Fall Heights

In addition to their 6ft fall height certification, Softline Solutions goes a step further by offering playground surfacing that meets IPEMA standards for 10ft fall heights. This higher certification level ensures that their surfacing materials provide superior protection, even when children engage in more adventurous and daring play.

Benefits of Softline Solutions’ IPEMA-Certified Playground Surfacing

1. Safety Assurance: Softline Solutions’ IPEMA certification for 6ft and 10ft fall heights offers peace of mind to parents, caregivers, and playground operators, knowing that the surfacing materials are designed to minimize the risk of injuries.

2. Versatile Applications: Softline Solutions’ certified surfacing can be used in various types of playgrounds, including traditional playgrounds, sports courts, and recreational areas. This versatility makes their products suitable for a wide range of play environments.

3. Durability: Softline Solutions’ playground surfacing materials are designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring that they provide long-lasting protection and maintain their safety features over the years.

4. Attractive Design: Softline Solutions understands that safety doesn’t mean compromising on aesthetics. Their surfacing options are available in various colors and designs, allowing playground designers to create visually appealing play spaces.

5. Environmental Responsibility: Softline Solutions is committed to environmental sustainability and offers surfacing materials that are eco-friendly, promoting a greener approach to playground safety.


Softline Solutions’ IPEMA-certified playground surfacing for 6ft and 10ft fall heights exemplifies their dedication to creating safe and enjoyable play areas for children. As playground safety is of paramount importance, it’s reassuring to know that Softline Solutions’ products meet the stringent standards set by IPEMA, a globally recognized certifying authority.

By choosing Softline Solutions, you are not only providing children with a fun and engaging play environment but also ensuring that their safety is a top priority. Their certified playground surfacing materials offer protection and peace of mind to parents, caregivers, and playground operators, making playtime an enjoyable and secure experience for all. Softline Solutions’ commitment to safety, durability, versatility, and environmental responsibility makes them a leader in the industry, helping to create a safer world for our young adventurers.