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2 + 5 eCommerce Website Development Functions

Huge demand of eCommerce has created more competition. An average user visits four or more eCommerce websites in order to find the best offer. And in the uncertain economic situation, consumers makes more considered decisions. The product itself is no longer the most important influencing factor when purchasing – there are already many eCommerce web design Sharjahfunctions whose task is to convince the customer.

7 eCommerce website development functions, without which there is no sale


If consumers are searching for certain products with an awareness of a problem , then the most important aspect is your ranking in the Google search engine. Google Shopping and Google Ads are a matter of paid campaign setup and bidding, which we will not cover in this article.

However, the order of organic results mostly depends on the placement and density of the keywords used in your eCommerce website.

That is why it is worth placing keywords optimized for search engines in the menu of the eCommerce website, in the main title of the product page and in the product description :


Designing a user journey for an eCommerce website is a never-ending, multi-factorial process that is only indirectly discussed in this article.

According to research, users spend an average of 54 seconds on an eCommerce website trying to understand the value proposition and navigation . This is the time you have to clarify what you are selling and to make a positive first impression. This gives you a chance to convince users to buy from you.

The best solution is if you display a single value proposition on the main page and if the navigation is clear, but it is also useful if the user can reach the product range via several routes. 

Research into the eye movements of users proves that 80 % of the time spent on pages is spent looking at the left part of the screen . For this reason, we recommend placing the menu vertically on the left side .

Without claiming to be complete, few eCommerce website development functions that are important from the point of view of usability: product filters, built-in search engine, quick links, footer navigation, elements that increase the efficiency of the checkout page.

Product info

We discuss the product page in detail, as it is the most important element of online purchases.

High-quality images and videos contribute 93% to the purchase decision . We recommend that you also show a picture of the product where it is being held. Apple has excellent examples of these:

Content produced by users (UGC = User Generated Content) and evaluations have a stronger impact on prospective customers than the product image or product description itself. Reviews have a convincing effect on 89% of customers .

The inclusion of frequently asked questions (FAQs) under the main product information can further help the customer in making a purchase decision and at the same time relieve the customer service.

Users like to ask relatives and friends for confirmation before making a purchase, so it is very useful to place social sharing buttons under the products . The point is that they can send the product page to their friends via Messenger, iMessage or e-mail with a single button press.


As a result of the e-commerce explosion in 2020, the use of chatbots increased by 30% . They can answer simple questions immediately and link to the corresponding FAQ. In case of more complex questions, the user is directed to the live personal customer service.

It is worth clearly communicating the shipping cost and return criteria on the product page and later at the checkout . 75% of customers are influenced by whether the product is delivered free of charge. And 68% expect delivery costs to be communicated in advance. And 92% of customers return to buy if the return process is simple and transparent. 


Everyone likes to belong to an “inner circle” where they get inside information and receive privileges. Your customers are no different. In the world of e-commerce, loyalty programs and personalized content provide users with this feeling.

Acquiring badges and reaching levels, well-known from gamification, generate repeat customers.

Another way to increase the feeling of being an insider is personalization , for example, discounts built for personal events: first purchase, registration anniversary, birthday, exclusive access to discounts, and invitation -based ( referral ) discounts , etc.


In order for users to dare to buy on your site, the existence of some security factors is necessary.

During the purchase process, users gain confidence if the eCommerce website uses known payment gateways and multi-step authentication during payment .

Distrustful customers prefer the cash-on- delivery payment option, and the more committed customers choose the installment or delayed payment ( BNPL = Buy Now Pay Later ).


Particular attention must be paid to the number and quality of additional software (plug-ins ) belonging to the eCommerce solution, as they can slow down the loading speed of the page. These software require constant updates and developer control to function properly.


Since 2020, the number of purchases made via mobile has increased by 56% . During eCommerce website development Dubai, not only mobile responsiveness is expected, but also the existence of the own mobile application .

One of the advantages of the mobile application is that the e-commerce website can be accessed easily and quickly without opening the browser . Users can be lured from desktop to mobile with discounts available and redeemable within the application.

In addition, with instant notifications , users can find out about discounts and news right away , so they don’t have to visit the site or check e-mails.