DTF Printing Should Choose Cold Tear Film or Hot Tear Film? Which Is Better to Peel Off?

DTF printing has a wide range of uses, and the process and effect are constantly updated. 

The same is that when the hot film is printed on the substrate, it is necessary to tear off the film to be counted as completing the entire hot printing process. 

However, some PET films need to be hot torn, and some need to be cold torn, and many customers will question why this is? Which membrane is better?

Today, I will take you to understand the magic of hot film.

Hot Peel Film

The main release component of the hot tear film is wax, the relative ink absorption performance is poor, and the small letters are easy to fall off (to solve this problem, you can consider using DTF transfer paper, the small character is also very clear), but the surface brightness is large after thorough cooling.

Transfer the hot print to the cloth through the press, and tear away while it is hot, saving waiting time and improving work efficiency.

Tear off within 9 seconds after opening the press (ambient temperature 35℃), or tear off when the film surface temperature is greater than 100℃, if not torn off in time, the cooling glue will stick to the clothing, causing difficulty in tearing between the clothes and the film, and there may be problems such as pattern residue.

Cold Peel Film

The main release component of cold tear film is silicon, the product has good stability, and the color is matte after thorough cooling.

Transfer first, and then gently tear off the film after cooling (temperature below 55℃), otherwise it is likely to tear the hot painting pattern.

What Is The Difference Between Hot And Cold Tear Film?

  1. Color

The color of hot tear film is brighter, and the color expression is strong; The color of the cold tear film is matte, and the texture is stronger.

  1. Color Fastness

Both color fastness is similar, can reach the washing degree 3+ level.

  1. Pressing Requirements

Hot tear film pressing time, temperature, pressure and other requirements are more strict, under normal circumstances, 140-165℃, pressure 4-5KG, pressing 8-10 seconds can easily achieve hot tear. 

Cold tear film is relatively lower requirements.

  1. The Difference in Tensile Resistance

Neither of them will stretch and crack after pressing.

  1. The Difference in Efficiency

The pursuit of efficiency is optional hot tear film, cold tear film needs to be warm or cool when it is better to tear.

Now in addition to hot tear film and cold tear film, there is also a more comprehensive film on the market – hot and cold tear film, whether it is cold tear or hot tear, does not affect the quality of hot stamping. 

Sublistar provides a full range of hot stamping films such as cold tear film, hot tear film, cold and hot tear film and various characteristic films, leading research and development formula, good release and stability.

 For example, dazzling reflective film, bright reflective silver film, suitable for use in a dark environment, attract attention. 

In addition to different peeling methods, there are also single/double-sided points.


How Should Customers Choose A Single/Double Mask?

  1. Customers who use more than 3 head hot stamping printers suggest choosing a double mask, because of the fast printing speed, it is not easy to slip when choosing a double mask to print, which can make the printing point more accurate.
  1. Hot film printing pattern after baking, need to store a certain period of time and then transfer to the clothing of the customer, it is recommended to choose a double mask;
  1. Customers using less than 3 heads of DTF printers, and the printing pattern after baking on the same day of hot printing customers, it is recommended to choose a single mask;

Why Is Hot Film Not Good To Tear?

  1. The temperature of the stamping is not correct, and the stamping machine must be adjusted to the appropriate temperature in advance.
  1. The pressure of hot stamping is not enough, the pressure of hot stamping should be increased, the greater the pressure, the better the effect of hot stamping.
  1. There is no correct view of the peeling way of the film, the hot tear film is used as a cold tear film, or the cold tear film is used as a hot tear film, and it is necessary to distinguish between the cold tear film and the hot tear film when using.

In summary, according to different fabric characteristics to develop accurate temperature, time, pressure, which is the three elements of transfer.

How to Select DTF Printing Film?

  1. The pattern after transfer is like the texture of PU glue, the tensile resilience is strong and does not deform, and the feel is softer than the glue (30~50% softer than the pattern printed by the oily coating film).
  1. Adapt to the vast majority of ink in the market, 100% ink volume, do not accumulate ink does not flow ink.
  1. The surface of the film is dry, can sprinkle 50-200 square powder without sticking powder, the picture is a picture, the powder is powder, where there is ink, the place without ink is spotless.

(4) The release is easy and clean, the printing film does not leave ink, the pattern does not leave layers.