Desert Safari Dubai an Unforgettable Camel Safari

The Planet Adventures, experts in family travel around the world, wrote a review of a camel safari in Dubai. We’ve done this desert safari Dubai twice now.  A sunset desert safari camel ride in Dubai liked this tour so much that we went on it twice, with kids of different ages. Before we get on our cruise ship to Australia, my boys and I are in Dubai, and we’re trying to get a feel for what this amazing city has to offer tourists. However, you can’t come without doing a Dubai Camel Safari or a camel ride, so we did both. We had to look around for a perfect trip to camels and the desert to book this desert safari.

It’s hard to book anything in Dubai. It comes with a lot of praise. Further down this page are more camel and 4×4 desert tours of Dubai and the surrounding area. Each one is a little different. Check to see what each tour includes because they can change; this one might have changed since we went on it. 

Dubai Camel Safari

This camel safari in Dubai is a typical desert safari tour, but the main option is a longer ride across the sand dunes at sunset on a camel. The desert camp, dinner, and dancing are the same in most desert safaris. 

Where Did We Stay in Dubai?

We’ve been to Dubai three times, and this is the best apartment hotel we’ve stayed in. Two of the apartment hotels we’ve stayed at in Dubai were old, smelly, and poorly shaped. Apartment hotels are the best way to stay in Dubai. Golden Sands is often recommended. We stayed there and didn’t like it as much as the hotel above, but that could be because they own multiple buildings with different standards.

The Safari on Camels in Dubai

We thought we would spend money on one big, touristy night out in the desert: camels, food, belly dancing, and the whole desert-camp extravaganza.

Desert safaris in 4×4 vehicles are fun for kids.

My younger child, who is 8, sometimes gets car sick, but that wasn’t why we didn’t go dune bashing. I just thought the kids wouldn’t like it. At sunset, many four-wheel-drive cars come to the camp in the desert.

Sunset camel ride in the desert with kids

Instead, we wanted to ride them in the real desert, so I spent a morning looking for a tour to let us do this without off-roading. 

What was part of our camel safari in Dubai? 

Both boys went to get their hands painted with henna in the evening. The women in the area were quick and good at it.

  • A new, comfortable car will pick us up from our hotel at 3 p.m. We picked up four more people.
  • A four-wheel-drive vehicle to get from the road to the camp in the desert.
  • Water • Painting with henna
  • Put on some traditional Emirati clothes. 
  • We’ll be taken back to our hotel around 9 p.m.
  • There was a hunting falcon at the camp, but unless you paid $10, you couldn’t take a picture of it.

What We Think About the Camel Safari in Dubai: 

It was great. The camels and sand dunes made the boys very happy. Dinner was great, and there was a lot of food and different options. The kids said that the dancing was “better than they thought.”

Book a desert safari in Dubai with a camel ride

Highly recommended because it was easy to book. We were all set and ready to be picked up at our hotel with just a few clicks. They also have a lot of other suitable Dubai tours, some of which are shown on this page. I’m in a hurry because we’re getting on a ship tomorrow and I won’t have much time to use the internet. When you move your mouse over an image on this page, you’ll see a “Pin It” button that lets you save it to Pinterest. 

Update: We did it over again last year but didn’t drive over dunes this time. The boys begged to go on this camel safari tour in Dubai again, and it was just as fun the second time around. We looked into it and think this is the best desert safari tour. On our Dubai travel blog page, you can find out a lot more about how to enjoy your trip to Dubai. Read More