Cost to Have a Vacation Rental Property Manager

Calculate property management costs to understand how you are being paid for management on a property that you own. Fees are assessed for a variety of reasons when renting a holiday home. In the case of property management fees, they are charges made to pay the expenses of the homeowner’s unique property management services.

What to Expect in Terms of Property Management Fees

While the industry average is between 25% and 30% of the rental cost, vacation rental property management businesses charge a range of fees. They differ according to the property’s location and the firm itself, ranging from 10% to 50%.

Additionally, the sort of property is determined by the charge and the quantity of work you want them to complete. While this is a suggestion, all costs should be agreed upon before working with the firm.

The various forms of vacation rental property managers are aware of the costs that apply to them. Understanding how much property management firms charge for vacation rentals is beneficial since it gives you an idea of what to expect when choosing one.

Initial Charges

Similar to how you must pay a deposit when signing up for anything, there are upfront costs associated with dealing with property managers. These one-time setup costs cover everything from marketing and advertising to the paperwork necessary to set up the properties as customers.

Management Fees 

Management fees are levied to pay the manager’s cleaning, maintenance, and advertising costs for the life of the property. These costs will guarantee that the firm continues to manage the property properly, including suitable property management software.

This cost might range from 12 to 50% of the average monthly rental earnings or higher. A professional management business will come at a premium price. Still, many owners believe that the additional expense is worth it if they can continue to rent the property to vacation rental visitors and maintain it while earning obvious profits.

Pricing Structure Based on a Flat Fee

Certain property management businesses choose to operate on a flat-fee basis, charging a single cost for the year’s administration of the property. Both sides agree on a price based on what they believe is the best option.

Additionally, the flat charge is highly dependent on the kind of property and its location. The flat-fee vacation rental property management fees are often determined by the rent pricing and the property’s fair market worth.

Calculation of the Average Property Management Fee

To conduct an efficient property management fee calculation, you must consider the following factors:

• The property management costs they charge: 

• The kind of price they charge: flat fees, percentage-based fees, etc. 

• The fee model they use: commission or guarantee fees

• Additional expenses, such as cleaning, maintenance, and advertising

We suggest doing your homework before hiring property management to ensure you understand what you’re getting for your money. However, the majority of experienced vacation rental property managers will present you with a detailed list of all costs and will be able to explain the significance of each.