Choosing Birthday Flowers By Color

Some Surprising Opportunities

Most people have a favorite color, though it’s worth noting that how many rods or cones are in your eyes will determine the shades of colors you’re able to see. That said, what someone really resonates with has a personal nature.

Think about this: a guy may be able to see half a dozen more colors than the girl he loves owing to the rods and cones in his eyes, but he might not be able to name half those colors. If you can visualize “periwinkle” just by reading the word, congratulations; cones or no cones, you know your colors.

Even so, favorite colors are often in a “range”. If someone likes blue, there’s a particular sort of blue they like; whether it’s ocean blue, baby blue, or periwinkle. When choosing the best birthday flower color, you want to keep that sort of preference in mind.

However, sometimes there’s a situation where even knowing the spectrum range defining your friend or family member’s preference isn’t quite enough. You might have to get creative to find the perfect color. We’ll explore a few ways to arrange flowers and alter their appearance here.

A Diversity of Floral Choice

Flowers certainly come in most colors of the spectrum, but it can be hard to find certain shades. Now granted, you can go online and browse options from around the world. Depending on your budget and the time of year, you can have them shipped right to the front door of the person celebrating their birthday.

Still, there’s a question of intensity to consider. Some birthday gifts deserve more care than others. Even so, don’t neglect to consider the potential of a “workaround”. Cut flowers can have their coloration altered slightly. You might want to practice with some white roses and food coloring.

Basically, you just put the dye in with the “plant food” and water of the vase. The flowers will draw the dye through their stems into the petals; voila. Now you’ve got a bouquet of “blue raspberry” roses.

The Perfect Flowers for Decoration or Presentation

That said, the question becomes: is it more trouble just to find a particular flower variety that precisely matches the preferred hue of the person celebrating their birthday, or to alter one class of flower to appear that way? That’s up to you, and how intensive associated celebration is.

With modern dyes, you can make any flower any color you like. You might want to get a bouquet that’s already similar to the preferred hue of the recipient; then you just have to tweak things slightly in the vase. Conversely, you might consider an alternating pattern. That is: one flower is deep purple, and the other is light orange.

Just separate half the bouquet into another vase with the dye, then recombine it with the other flowers. Get creative! Here are some additional ideas to consider for flower decor. Keep in mind, most floral arrangements for a birthday are more of a “decorative” kind than they are something given as a gift.

Think of flowers as living confetti, if you will. As far as coloration goes, you’re often simply matching themes. If you are properly motivated, can get precisely the colors you want.