Check out Timeshare Freedom Group Reviews and Ratings: Before You Hire Them

Are you feeling stuck in owning a timeshare and want to escape your timeshare contract? Then you should check out Timeshare Freedom Group reviews and ratings before getting them on board.  

About Timeshare Freedom Group  

Timeshare Freedom Group is a reputable timeshare cancellation company with over fifteen locations in the United States. They have been in the timeshare exit business since 2010 and have helped over 15,000 timeshare owners.  

Their cancellation experts will fight on behalf of timeshare owners to help them escape their contract obligations.  

Timeshare Freedom Group helps negotiate with resorts and developers on behalf of timeshare owners. They aim to cancel timeshare contracts without legal trouble and free owners from further obligations.   

They have a team of professionals and advocates to help dissatisfied timeshare owners cancel their contracts.  

They are associated with many law firms and agencies for timeshare exit services, which help complete the process without difficulty.   

Timeshare Freedom Group prides itself as an honest, hardworking timeshare exit company that helps its clients. It successfully guides them without cheating them out of their money and wasting their time. In addition, they also promise to return clients’ money if they fail to release their clients from their timeshare contracts within 24 months.  

Timeshare Freedom Group spends a lot on its marketing budget. Their advertisements are shown on various platforms like TV, radio, YouTube, Facebook, etc.  

Reasons for Hiring Timeshare Freedom Group    

Timeshare Freedom Group has created a good image and reputation. There are multiple reasons to choose the Timeshare Freedom Group services; let us talk about some of the advantages of working with the company, such as:   

  • Timeshare Freedom Group is a top-rated timeshare exit company with many positive reviews available online. Moreover, Timeshare Compliance has never been involved in fraud or scams with its clients.  
  • Timeshare Freedom Group partners with various legal teams and law firms to deal with timeshare contract cases.   
  • The company knows the legal complications of timeshare cases. They are experts in helping timeshare owners to escape from legal problems.   
  • The employees working at Timeshare Freedom Group are highly experienced and knowledgeable. They help timeshare owners in avoiding legal ramifications.  
  •  It is famous for supporting clients in their problems and helping them solve the issues related to their timeshare exit problems.  
  • The Timeshare Freedom Group workforce is experienced and knowledgeable about the timeshare exit services. The professionals working on your case will solve your timeshare contract problems within the period promised.  

After discussing the reasons for hiring Timeshare Freedom Group, let’s now discuss the pros and cons of the company.    


  • The company will provide highly efficient attorneys and lawyers to help and guide your case. 
  • If you cannot meet physically to discuss the case, then you can also chat on the website regarding your case. 
  • The company is known for canceling thousands of timeshares legally and permanently worldwide. 
  • They have a team of established advisors and advocates specializing in this field to help timeshare owners cancel their contracts.   


  • Their offices are closed on weekends as well as their services. 
  • There is no escrow payment option which makes it hard for the client to know how much he is paying or if the company is charging him more than justified. 
  • They also have several negative online reviews related to the services offered and mostly lack communication from the company’s side. 
  • Many complaints are filed against them relating to money not being refunded in the case of failure to provide the services. 

Timeshare Freedom Group Reviews 

Most of the Timeshare Freedom Group reviews are favorable. They have so many positive reviews on various online platforms, which is impressive. 

Final Words 

In the end, we can say that Timeshare Freedom Group is a reliable timeshare exit company. They have maintained a good image in the market since the beginning, and their business will continue to flourish in the future.