Cheap Ounce Deals Ottawa – For Your Daily Dosage

According to a press statement by the cannabis store in Ontario, it says that Ottawa has one of the greatest numbers of people living out there who are a part of the cannabis community. Out of a hundred and sixty communities in Ontario, Ottawa ranks second in terms of total retail sales and it also belongs to the sixth position in per-capita sales. Furthermore, in accordance with the new figures that have been collected from the province of Ottawa, cannabis consumers have already purchased more than $13 million worth of legal pots by the first quarter of this year. 

Ottawa has been home to many popular brick and motor dispensaries of marijuana as well as online retail shops as well. Not only shall you be able to enjoy fast weed delivery Ottawa but you shall also find some great options of stores too. Amongst the many such genuine authorized dispensaries dealing in marijuana delivery Ottawa, The Greenmates Ottawa Weed Delivery is surely one of the dispensaries that you cannot afford to miss. What can you wish for while shopping weeds? Cheap ounce deals Ottawa? You shall have it here. Best edible delivery Ottawa? That too you find here. In addition to that, the product that they sell is always fresh and of higher quality. 

The best part of the business belonging to the cannabis industry falls in this province of Canada. The growth rate of the industry here had always remained stable and positive. All around the year, there is always a fixed number of people who purchase cannabis from this region. The number increases mostly but never shows a dip as such. In fact, there are still dozens of stores that are in the process of having their legalization and are awaiting to be opened. The experts are of the opinion that when those stores open it shall double the business. 

In fact, people say that the number of cannabis stores in Ottawa shall soon outgrow the total number of LCBO and Beer Stores in that outlet. Tina Frazer, who is a partner at the Brazeau Seller Law says that looking at the present market trend, it has indeed become very important for the cannabis industry for selecting the location carefully. With the Federal Laws being a little lenient now with regard togiving licenses to retailers, it has successfully been possible to drive out the illegal cannabis dealers away from the market, who at one point looked like a threat indeed. This frame of dealings of the law had made it possible to have multiple stores out here that sells good quality products. 

The Greenmates Ottawa Weed Delivery

The Greenmates have been in this industry for more than six years now and within this time frame, they have been able to become one of the trusted places for customers to find good quality weeds. They have already served more than twenty thousand customers and ninety-six percent of their clients have recommended them to others. Here you will get a wide selection of fresh and good-quality cannabis products to choose from. Each of them has a different range of prices for them but is sure to fit your budget. They always provide their customers with locally sourced products thathave great and trustworthy quality. Their products always go through multiple lab tests before being certified for sale. 

You can find here various strains of Indica, Sativa flowers, edibles, pre-rolls, vapes, concentrates, and many other forms as well. They even sell different accessories too. Once you choose the strain and make the payment, they process the order on the same day within two hours at your doorstep. Their quick service and their authentic products are always popular among customers. Once the order is out on delivery, you can also keep a LIVE track time of the driver till the time it reaches you. all throughout the week they operate right from 11 am to 9 pm. So, you can place the order very easily at any time within that window. 

The Greenmates also offers you a store-wide sale of 10% to 20% on their various strains of cannabis. If you have placed orders which is above $50, then you are required to pay a delivery charge of $5 for that. They even have a rewards program for their customers that you can avail of as you create an account with them for the first time. It shall earn you 500 points which are $16, which you can use while you are buying from them. Their customer service department is very competent to handle any type of customer issue. 

Products that you can find at The Greenmates

The Greenmates has a huge range of products that you can choose from. The different categories that you can find with them are ounce Indica flower, Ounce deals, Sativa flower, Edibles, Pre-Rolls, Concentrates, Edibles, Vapes, Tinctures, and CBD. They also have different accessories as well. Some of the strains that you can find there are:

Ounce Deals

Kings Kush, Purple Chemo, Cali Cush Bomb, and more.

Indica Flower

Bubba Death (AA), MAC OG (AAA+), Island Pink (AAA+), and more.

Sativa Flower

Greasy Grapes (AA), Putang (AA), Cyber Cake (AAA+), and more.

In addition to these,there are various other categories that have been already mentioned above. And each of those categories has many strains to choose from, as well.  

The reasons behind cheap ounce deals in Ottawa

There are multiple dispensaries all across Ottawa, which make the competition to sustain in the market extremely fierce. Online dispensaries are the best places where you can get an amazing range of cheap ounce deals because they invest the money in the customer that they save by not having the brick and motor dispensaries. It helps them to build good customer relationships and also to retain their customers. Even though they have a different ounce deal on the different strains, the cheap ounce deals make it easier for you to have your favorite strain without feeling a pinch in your pocket. This system is a sure win-win situation for both ends.