Carpet Cleaning Industry in the US – Market Research Report

Carpet usage is rising, especially in western nations, which has fueled the demand for cleaning supplies. Over the five years leading up to 2019, demand for the services offered by the carpet cleaning industry has increased as household formation rates have increased the pool of potential customers for business owners in the sector, and rising per capita disposable income has made it easier for people to pay for cleaning services. Additionally, falling office vacancy rates, rising nonresidential development activity, and a rise in the number of enterprises expanded the potential clientele for operators, since the need for commercial carpet cleaning services like was inevitably boosted by the expansion of office and retail space. 

The demand for the industry’s home and commercial cleaning services has improved over the previous five years due to rise in per capita disposable income and the overall number of US firms. The sector will benefit from rising per capita disposable income since consumers will be more likely to spend money on carpet cleaning services, which are normally conducted every one to two years. Because more consumers would be able to buy their own homes, household formation rates are anticipated to increase as well.

Businesses that clean rugs, carpets, and upholstery for residential and business customers make up the carpet cleaning sector. Other services offered by businesses in the sector include dyeing used rugs, damage restoration, cleaning of ventilation ducts, and other cleaning services. Additionally employed as a preventative measure against small mishaps and wounds like slipping or falling, carpets are anticipated to increase in popularity. In turn, this will increase the demand for cleaning supplies, especially in residential areas. 

Sustainable manufacturing techniques are being prioritized by businesses when making natural and organic cleaners. Eco-friendly materials, appealing packaging, and marketing initiatives are anticipated to help this industry flourish. In order to stop odor or stain recurrence, a manufacturing business launched a natural and eco-friendly liquid carpet cleaner in 2019. The use of carpet cleaners is anticipated to rise as a result of a number of macroeconomic variables, including the expansion of office and retail space construction as well as home décor. 

Listed below are some key insights to take note.

Product insights

With a share of 30.7 percent in the carpet cleaning product market in 2018, the liquid category dominated. The segment, which is typically referred to as dry cleaning, offers a variety of carpet absorbents in the form of liquid cleaners. With the aid of mechanical agitation from the brush, which cleans through the material, the liquid aids in absorbing dirt from carpets. When the liquid cleanser is used with water or applied directly to the carpet, the soil is broken down and the liquid is then vacuumed up to be absorbed. These liquid cleansers have dominated the market with widespread use in both home and commercial settings thanks to their simple and efficient application.

Application insights

In 2018, hotels and eateries made up 47.2% of the market. The use of carpet cleaners has increased as a result of the rise in the number of cafés, restaurants, and hotels in nations like the U.S., Italy, India, and France. Additionally, a growing customer taste for opulent lodging has compelled the owners to offer their guests a first-class experience. Hotels and hospitality chains are predominantly investing in high-end carpets as a result, helping to drive up demand.

Carpet cleaning products insights

The use of hygiene and home care products is growing as a result of the increased danger of illnesses brought on by harmful germs that can be found hiding in various materials, including carpets. As a result, cleaning products are growing in popularity among homeowners. As a result, a rise in disposable income as well as consumers’ busy lifestyles are anticipated to be major driving forces. In turn, this will fuel demand for carpet cleaners over the following few years. Additionally, customers like goods that improve the odor of homes and the surrounding area.