Can you Overcharge a JUUL?

You’d be surprised at the number of ways that you can ruin your JUUL. It’s a device that is specifically designed to be simple and easy to use, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have its problems. There are plenty of ways you could go about ruining your JUUL that you might not even think about. If you overcharge your JUUL, for example, it will almost certainly stop working. You could break it permanently or at least make it unusable without expensive repairs until you have access to another charger. That doesn’t just mean plugging in the USB cable and leaving it overnight either; there are other ways to overcharge a JUUL that might seem less dangerous but they’re every bit as disastrous nonetheless.

What is Overcharging?

Overcharging is when you leave your JUUL plugged in for too long and allow it to be charged past the point of completion. It can be difficult to tell when a JUUL is fully charged, and many people will leave it plugged in until the light on the charger goes out (which is when there’s no more power being transferred). When this happens, it creates a surplus of power in the device, which drains the battery and makes it completely useless. Most JUUL batteries are lithium-ion batteries that take a long time to charge and last for a long time when in use — but when you overcharge them, they get extremely hot. That sends the chemicals inside the battery into a frenzy and ruins the battery permanently. It can also cause the device to catch on fire, so it’s extremely important to avoid overcharging at all costs.

Other Ways to Ruin Your JUUL

This is just a short list of other ways you could inadvertently ruin your JUUL. It’s important to note that some of these problems are avoidable, but others are not and will just happen if you happen to be unlucky or don’t take care of your JUUL properly. 

  1. Dropping your JUUL: This is a problem that can happen to any device and any owner, but it’s especially bad for JUUL owners. This is because JUULs are small, easy to drop, and don’t have solid cases that you can use to catch and deflect the fall. A drop could damage your JUUL’s battery, break the USB cord inside, or even break the body of the JUUL so you can’t put any more pods into it. 
  2. Using the wrong charger: This covers a few different problems, but it’s important to note that you shouldn’t use any charger with a JUUL. You’ll almost certainly overcharge the device, which will ruin it. You should always use the charger that comes with your JUUL, and if you lose it then you should contact JUUL support. 
  3. Using the wrong pods: This is another problem that can happen to any JUUL owner, but it’s especially bad for new users. You should only use pods for the device that you own and bought yourself, and you shouldn’t use pods you bought as a gift from someone else. If you use the wrong pods, the device might not be able to recognize them and you won’t be able to vape with them.

How to Know if You’ve Overcharged your JUUL

If you overcharge your JUUL, you’ll likely notice it before you notice anything else. The device will likely heat up quite a bit, and it may also seem like it’s vibrating a lot. The light on the charger will stay on even after the device is fully charged, and it will continue charging the device until the battery is completely ruined. The best way to avoid overcharging your JUUL is to pay attention to the charging process. You should try to plug in your JUUL as soon as you feel it running low and then unplug it as soon as you feel it gaining power again. If you’re in a rush, you can plug it in for about a minute or two and then unplug it again. You shouldn’t plug it in for more than two minutes, though, or it’s likely that you’ll overcharge it.

Final Words: Be Careful with that Charging Cord

The JUUL charging cord is a delicate piece of equipment, and you should handle it with care at all times. It is possible to break the cable by pulling it too hard or bending it too far, and in some cases, the cord can even fray without any obvious damage. If you notice that your cord is fraying or if it feels stiff or brittle, you should take it to an expert immediately. Do not continue to use the cord in this condition, as it could break at any moment and cause serious shocks or even a fire.