Can I study ACCA by myself?

ACCA syllabus revision right when the final examination dates are announced can seem to be quite overwhelming because of the complex learning techniques that everyone else seemed to be advising you on.

Frankly speaking, there are so many variables to maximise your chances of success at ACCA, that it is normal to feel difficult to know how to achieve a good score when you have nobody else to rely on.

This is where the advantages associated with pursuing professional courses in accountancy from Singapore come into play!

Studying ACCA via an online course can help you gain exposure to an out of the world exam revision environment, also prepping you up for the type of job you may want to apply for after becoming an ACCA member.

So if you’re still worried about how to keep going with your ACCA exam revision all alone, look no further!

The model structure of our professional ACCA programme is designed to help you provide 24/7 support and answer any of your queries regarding the accountancy subject matter of the examination itself.

Learn at your own pace

ACCA preparatory courses offered in Singapore allow you to determine the pace of learning that you are comfortable with and take charge of it to do your ACCA exam revision most pleasingly.

The courses come along with a modern structure that caters to every student’s personal needs and the different speeds at which you may want to learn, giving you enough time to take breaks and focus on the areas that you need more time to grasp.

Strategize your schedule

ACCA professional courses in Singapore allow you to fit your exam preparation around your life responsibilities and professional expectations, where you can decide when you want to participate in projects and submit assignments.

You are also not required to coordinate the schedule of your other classmates, which can be quite challenging if you are currently in employment.

Make it easy to concentrate

Undergoing an ACCA course from Singapore will make it easier for you to understand the accountancy concepts simultaneously and switch to a revision mode automatically once you feel well prepared, without having to force yourself to concentrate on an ACCA revision schedule that you are not comfortable with.

Nurture independent thinking

When trying to pass the ACCA examination on your own, you must have full faith in your capability and not feel guilty about asking questions to your mentor whenever needed.

The course will also allow you to acquire critical thinking abilities and engage in project work to promote practical learning.

So now that we are aware of the great benefits related to learning others online from Singapore, it is time to inculcate ACCA revision habits that you found the most beneficial.

Besides studying independently, this will also give you the option to boost your motivation, thereby giving you the best chance to succeed at the ACCA examination.

Register for the online ACCA course today and get the chance to explore the international educational platform!