Business web hosting in Malaysia

What is hosting a website?

A type of internet hosting service called web hosting enables people and businesses to store their websites in the cloud and make them accessible via the world wide web. 

It also provides email functionality, enabling users to receive emails from their domain extension (for example,

In order to host your website and email accounts, a server malaysia service, offers storage space on our shared hosting servers housed in one of our data centers in Malaysia or abroad. 

We want to continue to be the top Malaysian web host for all of your hosting requirements.

Dedicated hosting: what is it?

In a shared hosting environment, multiple users share the same server resources to power their hosting features, such as websites, emails, databases, storage, DNS, and more. 

When resources are shared fairly and equally, it lowers the cost of hosting while maintaining its dependability.

The security of all shared hosting accounts is improved by the fact that shared hosting servers are built to meet the requirement that all users’ data be kept separate from one another even though they share the same server resource.

What sets dedicated hosting apart from shared hosting?

Users of shared hosting pool their resources to reduce the overall cost of running a hosting service. The main shared resources are bandwidth, CPU, memory, and disk i/o.

It is the duty of every user of shared hosting to treat other users’ resources fairly so that the group of users can share all resources equally. All sizes of people and businesses can afford the cost of a shared hosting account.

A single user or an entire company may be the sole owner of all hosting resources in a dedicated hosting environment. 

When ordering a dedicated server, the server’s owner must specify the server’s specifications, such as the CPU, memory, bandwidth, disk storage space, and so forth. Due to the dedicated nature of the hosting resources, good performance is ensured.

Along with the necessity for performance, dedicated users also have the freedom to configure any server functionalities or install any software onto the server in accordance with their requirements.

Location of the data center

Our servers are housed in iso-certified data centers in kuala lumpur, Cyberjaya (also known as the “silicon valley of Malaysia”), and Penang, which offers the best network and redundancy support for all of our assets. Tm vads idc oversees our data centers in Malaysia. We have servers in the data centers in Montreal, Canada, Europe, Singapore, and the USA for requests from abroad.

Malaysian VPS hosting services

The goal of hosting expert cheapest vps is to continue to be one of the top web hosting companies in Malaysia and the world. The company was founded in 2007 and has expertise in managing servers for hosting reasons.

Fairly distributed system resources

To maintain the high availability of all system resources shared equitably across all user accounts, all servers are continuously checked by automated system software and human intervention when necessary.

High uptime and security with reliability

Our shared hosting servers are protected by multiple levels of security measures and redundancy tools that will guarantee the highest level of service uptime for all users.

24/7 technical assistance

365 days a year, we offer 24-hour technical support. Contact us by phone, email, or ticket submission.