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Business Name Generator: How to Choose the Perfect Name for Your App

That’s it. You’ve got the perfect app! It has all the proper functionality with great graphics. It’s sure to be a hit for your target audience.

But wait! There’s just one problem, you haven’t been able to create a successful business name. If only you had something that could help.

Luckily for you, a business name generator can just be the tool you need. Since naming your app is one of the most critical marketing decisions you will make, you want to do it right. 

With over 2 million apps in the App Store, using a business name generator can ensure your app name stands out. Here are a few tips in this business name generator guide for choosing a name for your app.

Keep It Short and Sweet

A short name is easy to remember and simple to spell. You should refrain from using made-up words or numbers in your business name generator, as they are difficult for users to remember and spell correctly.

As you brainstorm ideas, you also want to avoid trendy words or phrases that may go out of style quickly like “the” or “new.” These are great if you’re creating an app that will only appeal to a specific demographic or age group. If you want your app to be accessible to everyone, steer clear of these types of words altogether.

It’s essential to choose something unique that people won’t confuse with another similar app already on the market (even if there are no similarities).

Make It Relevant to What Your App Does

Your app name should give users a hint at what your app does. This will help users understand what your app is about without having to download and try it out themselves.

For example, if you’re making an app that lets people pay their bills online, calling it Billpay may not be the best idea because it needs to be more specific and specific. However, if you call it PayMyBillOnline, people will know exactly what purpose this app serves.

The point is that the more relevant your app’s name is to its function, the more likely people will remember and download it!

Use a Business Name Generator

Business name generators can help you brainstorm ideas and find a unique and perfect name for your app. Many of the business name generators on the market today use AI to generate short, brandable names relevant to your app. You want to ensure that you use a reputable business name generator like the one from

Using one of these tools, you’ll be able to come up with some great ideas for new business names for apps quickly without spending too much time thinking about them yourself.

Create a Successful Business Name Today

Choosing the perfect name for your app is essential to its success. Remember to keep these tips in mind when brainstorming ideas for your app’s name.

Keep it short and sweet, make it relevant to what your app does, and use a business name generator.