Brain Exercises to Sharpen Your Mind for Government Exams

Brain is a tiny body organ that plays a significant role in our daily life. We all know that the brain is involved in every little activity we do. Thus, your brain needs to be in a brilliant condition if you want to ace in every area of your life. Are you planning to appear in the upcoming government exam? If yes, then you have to cover the vast exam syllabus. To retain every topic in your head, you need to have a healthy brain. There are various brain exercises you can try in your free time to amp up the power of your brain. This article is loaded with relevant brain exercises you can try to keep your brain active. These exercises can work wonders for candidates preparing for upcoming government exams.

Do you know why there is a need to exercise your brain? Simply to improve your memory and focus better. Don’t think you need to spare hours for exercising your brain. Whether you are appearing for the SSC CGL or IBPS PO, you need to have a high intellect to perform excellently in the exam. So, grow your intellect by doing some brilliant brain exercises. Read the following points scrupulously to know easy brain exercises to sharpen your mind.

You can incorporate the following brain exercises into your daily routine while preparing for government exams:

Several scientific researches have unveiled brain exercises that can hone your mental sharpness. If you want to magnify your concentration, then prefer to do the following brain exercises.

Have fun with a jigsaw puzzle 

Whether you are putting 100 pieces together to make a Taj Mahal or joining 1000 pieces to make an image of Qutub Minar, working on a jigsaw puzzle is a sure shot way to strengthen your brain. According to researchers, playing jigsaw puzzles can actually improve your cognitive abilities. Thus, when you put together different pieces in the jigsaw puzzle, you need to flex your mind to find a suitable piece to make a large picture. Also, playing jigsaw puzzles can actually revive your mind and help you focus better during your study hours. It is advisable to play this game during your short break. There’s no need to spare time specially for playing jigsaw puzzles.

Brush up your vocabulary 

Note that rich vocabulary can make you sound smart. So, make sure you learn 5 new words daily. Here are some sources through which you can improve your vocabulary:

  • Inculcate the habit of reading a book. Underline the new word in the book and write its meaning along with it.
  • Download an app on your smartphone for learning new vocabulary daily.
  • Listen to a motivational podcast in English at the beginning of day. For sure you can learn new words daily just by listening to a podcast.

Whenever you learn a new word, make at least 5 sentences from that word. This is how you can understand the meaning of a new word easily.

Try your hands at cards 

Playing card games can actually make your brain work at its highest capability. Many researches show that those who play card games usually have high intellect. To play card games, you need a group of people. Thus, you can sit with your friends during the weekend to play cards. Here are some card games you can play with your friends:

  • Solitaire
  • Crazy eights
  • Hearts
  • Bridge
  • Poker
  • Gin rummy

Listen to or play music 

Do you want to know the easiest and the best way to enhance creativity? The answer is simple. You can turn on soothing music in your free time. When you listen to calm music, it helps you to think of innovative ideas for solving a particular problem. Thus, cranking up some good music during leisure time can actually relieve you from tiredness. Also, it can enhance your productivity to study effectively for the exam.

Additionally, you can learn to play instruments like guitar, piano and even drums. Playing musical instruments can also help you to stay stress-free while preparing for the exams.

Dance your heart out 

Believe it or not, dancing can actually prove to be a boon for you. It can keep you mentally as well as physically active. It is advisable to dance on your favorite song at least once in a week. Dancing can keep your chin up. Moreover, it calms down your mind. When your mind is calm, you can have a better understanding of every step. So, make sure you dance your heart out at least once a week.

You can give a try to following dance activities:

  • Take hip hop or salsa dance class.
  • Gather your friends for fun dancing.
  • Go for a Zumba or jazz dance class.
  • See some online videos to learn new dance steps and try to do it yourself. When you do funny steps, it can make you laugh and relieve your stress.

Learn a new language 

Being able to speak more than one language shows your brilliance. It can help you to switch in various tasks at a given time. Apart from English and Hindi, you need to be fluent in your native language. Also, you can choose any foreign language as well. For example, You can learn French from a reliable source. Note that learning a new language can boost the power of your mind and helps you to focus better while preparing for the exam.

Meditate daily 

Meditation is proven to be an excellent way to improve the functioning of your brain. Well, meditating doesn’t demand you to turn yourself into a monk. There’s no need to sit for hours with your eyes closed. Instead, you just need to spare at least 10 minutes in a day for meditation. While meditating never try to focus on your thoughts. Instead, let your thoughts come naturally to your mind. You’ll notice how brilliantly you can get rid of negative thoughts with the help of regular meditation.

If you are preparing for the SSC exam, then add meditation to your daily schedule. Well, to amp up your exam preparation you can join a remarkable institute that can provide SSC CHSL coaching.


Paying attention to your mental health is the best thing you can do to improve your concentration. The above-mentioned are some of the helpful ways through which you can make your brain more effective. So, you can prefer to do these brain exercises while preparing for exams. It can improve your chances of cracking the government exam in a single go.