Take advantage of these box packaging ideas to boost your business appeal

You want your products to be as appealing as possible. The packaging is what first attracts people and it’s what gets them to buy your product. So why not make it work for you?

Your box packaging ideas should include things like colors, creative designs, catchy phrases, or anything else that will catch the eye and get them to purchase your product.

Here are ten packaging ideas that you can use to enhance your business sales:

1. Repetition

This suggests that your product is the best, and it’s something that people should buy. For instance, if buyers come to buy your candle, then your candle should be in amazing candle packaging boxes. It will also let you catch their attention, so they will remember your product later on.

2. Bright Colors

These are easily noticed, especially if you have a small space to work with. The bright colors can also set the mood for what kind of product it is, so people will be able to decide if they want it or not.

3. Unique Packaging Shape

The interesting shapes will make your product stand out among other products with same design and color scheme.

4. Simple and Easy to Read Packaging

Your packaging should be easy to read, especially if it’s your logo that you’re using as box art. It should also be simple so that people can understand what it is they have bought.

5. Simple Colors and Shapes

You may have a unique design on your product, but the colors and shapes can still be used by other sellers if you choose the right ones.

6. Catchy Phrases

A catchy phrase will reflect you and your business, while also catching people’s attention when they look at your box packaging ideas. 

7. Pictures

If you want to make your box packaging ideas more appealing, then include pictures. It will take the attention away from your box art. But it will also show people what their product is about. For example, if your logo is of a flower, then you may use pictures of flowers as box art.

8. Banners and Posters

Since these are very effective in catching people’s attention, placing them on top of your box packaging ideas may be a great idea. Even if they’re on the same design and color scheme as your product art, they’re sure to draw even more attention to it when they’re up there. 

9. Great Lighting

Great lighting will make your product stand out, especially if you’re displaying your products on the floor. You can use bright lights or even candles to create a great ambiance and make it easier for people to spot your product from afar. 

10. Incorporate Packaging with Your Logo Design or Branding

If you use your logo design as box art, then you should also make sure that what’s on the box is in sync with the rest of your branding. It will reflect how serious you are about your business, so choose wisely and contact us for more packaging ideas!

Eco-friendly packaging solutions:

Everyone is looking for eco-friendly packaging solutions since it’s a growing trend in business these days. You can find unique ways to make your products more attractive, even if you’re looking for eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Adding some add-ons to make things more interesting:

1. Embroidered or Stitched Boxes

Most of your boxes need to be able to stand alone, but the ones that require extra care should be stitched instead. It will make it more difficult for people to damage them, so you don’t have to worry about them being broken.

2. Soft Sides

Adding a soft sided box for your product will make it easier for buyers to carry them around from store to store. If they collapse, it’s not going to affect your sales much because it’s still strong enough for the most part. 

These ideas are not only cost-effective but also durable

You can use corrugated boxes and paperboard boxes in your packaging. These are very affordable while being long-lasting. The corrugated ones are also stronger than other types of packaging materials, which makes your product safer from spills and breaks.

You can also use recycled cardboard packaging because these are easily available and extremely cost-effective. Even if you’re looking for eco-friendly products, the cost of the waste you produce is a thing to keep in mind as well.

In a nutshell

Your product needs to be appealing, and it’s going to need a box of some kind. Different people like different things, so you should make your packaging products fit your audience as well. So before you start designing or printing boxes for your products, think about who you’re target audience is first and what type of design works best for them.