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Best Programs To Make Your Animated Videos

Many professionals are aware of the importance of developing their brand through the different online channels to make noise and impact the mind of the consumer. But do they know which format currently generates the most expectation and engagement?

Without a doubt, the video format has become one of the visual resources that generate the most impact because it entertains and amuses. Therefore, if you want to attract an audience in a matter of seconds, you must definitely add a video to your marketing strategy.

Don’t make excuses like ‘I’m not a designer’ or ‘I don’t know how to make video montages.’ Nowadays, there are numerous programs that allow you to make impressive creations without any knowledge.

So, pay attention to this selection that we have made with the best programs.  Bloggers, community managers, or other digital profiles can use them to make their professional videos.

The best programs to make animated videos

If you want to offer your audience entertaining, pay attention to the following programs that we recommend.

Thanks to the use of animated video editing programs, you do not need to have advanced knowledge. And these are very intuitive and are helpful for businesses and professionals.

Here we leave you in this list of the best programs to mount your professional animated videos in less time than you think.


In general, the Visme tool is very practical for any visual content. In addition to being an excellent support to give your videos personality and creativity, it is also used to create animated presentations, infographics, banners, and designs for social networks. And it is even for creations of posters, flyers, and other printables.


Doodly is low-cost online software that allows you to create unlimited quality animated videos using pre-built templates, so you don’t need to know editing or animation.

Among the functions that it includes, we highlight:

  • More than 200 human characters.
  • Hand-drawn objects.
  • Copyright-free music.

The option to upload your own images and adapt them to the style.

Outstanding note: In addition to the option of simulating an interactive whiteboard video (4 colors to choose from), it is worth mentioning the voice-over recording function to accompany the images and make the video more enjoyable.

Finally, it allows you to export your video in HD, ideal for later sharing it on your social networks.


This online platform includes a free limited version with which you can make videos of up to 10 minutes. Although Moovly has several plans, the basic one costs about $10 per month and offers interesting options, including:

  • Access to numerous templates and animated objects.
  • Video length up to 30 minutes.

Top note: You can add voice, sound, and music and sync it all through a simple timeline. Also, with this paid version, you can download the video without watermarks and in high definition.


FlexClip is another web platform that helps you intuitively produce videos from pre-designed templates.

How it works: The user clicks the template he likes the most (he can preview it beforehand) and starts editing it. After adding photos, music, and voice…, you will check the final result, and if you like it, before rendering the video, you will proceed to pay for the template used.

Render forest

This platform requires registration, just like MakeWebVideo. And although with its free version, you can create animated videos in a few minutes, it has a plan of $19.99 per month with which you can access numerous professional templates.

In addition, each week, the themes are updated so that you can select the one that best suits your needs.

Important note: Something to highlight about Renderforest is that it automatically saves the changes made to the template you are editing. And when you’re done, you can easily share it on your YouTube or Facebook channel.


A differentiating advantage of Animatron is that you can work on a video montage together with other people on your team at the same time.

It has two versions:

  • Wave version: You can create quick animated videos for Facebook.
  • Studio version: To make explanatory videos with a Whiteboard and Cartoon style.

It is characterized by having a “drag and drop” editor. And among its functions, the possibility of inserting sources, images, and audio to personalize a video stands out.


Vyond is a cloud platform that is characterized by these specific features:

  • Object and character animation: You can add, move or remove objects and characters in a matter of seconds.
  • Lip sync: This function allows the character to move their mouth and sync with your voice.
  • Branding: This allows you to import your logo, image, and audio; and change the background color.
  • The templates it offers are of numerous styles and themes, but it also allows you to create your video from scratch with a blank template.

Top Note: What we love most about Vyond is the variety of custom animated characters it offers. And also, if you can’t find the one you need, you can create one to suit you, adding its characteristic features, clothing, and accessories.


It is another program with which you can make animated videos in just 5 minutes. To enjoy Wideo ‘s unlimited free option, you need to register, and you will be able to take advantage of basic features to edit your videos (up to 45 seconds long).

Although there is another version of $9 per month with which you can access other more advanced features to perform:

  • Ads on social networks.
  • Give.
  • Explanatory videos on landing pages.
  • Videos for online marketing campaigns.

It stands out above all for being one of the easiest to use. It integrates the Google image search engine to search for images without having to leave the program; very useful.


It has a free version, but the videos will carry the Spark watermark. Therefore, the idea is to hire a paid version to use Adobe Spark.

Among its functions, we highlight:

  • You can add images, icons, and text through an image bank.
  • Includes a music bank of different genres.
  • You can create videos in 16:9 or square format (adapted to the mobile screen).


Now that you have surely internalized what the star format is for creating engaging visual content, we encourage you to try different programs to make animated videos and, thus, find the one that best suits your needs.

Remember that when you make a creation with one of these tools, it is very important that you measure the results and check what impact it has generated on your audience. Only then will you be able to know if you are doing it right or if you need to make some improvements to finish making an impact with your animated video montages and make a difference.