Best Food in Johor Bahru (Malaysia)

Malaysia has a bounty of mouthwatering food that is sure to please both Singaporeans and Malaysians. JB has it all from the newest and largest night market to unique themed cafes and hidden speakeasy bars, JB is a paradise for hipsters and foodies (check out this trendy new megamall and town inspired by Taiwanese cuisine). JB is not Ipoh or Penang. However, it does offer its own authentic cuisine and traditional dishes that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This is a brief overview of the different areas in JB and what to expect from each one. Are you ready for a weekend of food hunting?

1. Restoran Woon Piang has over 80 years experience

You’ve reached the right place if you want to know what kuey Teow was like 80 years ago. This meal has been perfected over time and you will never forget it. The art of cleaning the pork intestines has been perfected by them. This will allow you to enjoy your food without having to eat a stinky batch. You can’t miss the smaller than usual kuey Teow. It will feel like heaven when paired with herbal soup.

2. IT Roo Cafe has the best chicken chops in JB

This is not a marketing tactic – they actually received this title in 2003. However, this shop was actually established in 1961! You can choose between fried chicken chop or BBQ chicken chop. Both are delicious! They are most well-known for their chicken chop but their tom yam soup or fried rice is equally good.

3. Chee cheong fun with Yaong Tau Fu — G. Cheong Fun Restaurant

It must has a story because you will only find chee-cheong fun and Yaong tau fu sold side by side in Peninsular Malaysia. It was delicious! We also tried another version at ICC Pudu Kuala Lumpur. G. Cheong Fun Restaurant serves springy chee-cheong fun every day since 1999. You also have the option to order the traditional chee-cheong fun, which is closer to kuey Teow (the fat rice noodles we all know today). For an extra kick of flavor, you can drizzle red sauce, soy sauce, or curry on top. You must order the pork skin curry. It’s a unique dish that you won’t find anywhere else.

4. Restoran Min Corner offers Nyonya kuehs as well as Chinese pastries and Malay foods all under one roof.

What can you do if your friends want to try different kuehs or puffs, desserts, mains, and desserts? You can head to Min Corner, a crowd-pleaser that was established in 1977! You’ll find the best authentic local cuisines, as they have been around since 1977.
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