Beauty Hacks That You Should Know Earlier

Makeup and beauty products has become a necessity for almost all women in the world. Not infrequently, they spend a lot of time in front of the mirror to linger in ‘playing’ the set of make-up tools. Starting from the longest part, from the eyebrows to the fastest part: lipstick. Each must have its own level of complexity, depending on each individual who uses it.

In fact, not infrequently, many problems arise when you want to use make up. For example, dry mascara, dry eyeliner, or the most painful part, which is when your favorite lipstick breaks. To minimize this problem, check out our beauty life hacks that will help you overcome these problems.

1.     Instantly Curled Lashes

The first beauty hack is that the eyelashes are twice as thick as usual. Are you the owner of less curly eyelashes? Wow! Do not worry. You can try this way, you know! Heat the eyelash curler for a while using a hairdryer and immediately clip it! Guaranteed, your eyelashes are thicker than usual. This method is suitable for those of you who have super mini eyelashes, you know, girls.

2.     Save Without Buying Highlighter

Indeed, for lovers of highlighter makeup, it is necessary to have. But, for beginners? Thinking about it again, are you sure that you want to buy a highlighter which is an average foreign product? For those of you who do not have more money or want to save money, you can use white eyeshadow to replace the super expensive highlighter. It is easy, you just use it in the area to use the highlighter. Simple, right?

3.     Dry lips due to matte lipstick

Lovers of matte lipsticks certainly do not find this disease infrequently, namely dry and peeling lips. Want to wear lipstick, but your lips are peeling, like it or not, you have to wear glossy lipstick that makes you not confident about going out. Well, try it, do this method once a week, namely apply honey and sugar to your lips. Guaranteed, peeling disease and dry will be far away from you. Take it slowly!

4.     Don’t throw away broken lipstick

Do not throw away your broken lipstick right away, girls. Especially if you just bought a lipstick and it broke right away, it is a shame to throw it away. You had better heat up your broken lipstick until it melts a little, then reattach the broken piece and place it in the freezer overnight. Now, your lipstick will return to its original state and you can use it again.

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5.     Don’t rush to throw away the dry mascara

When you think the mascara you have used a few times is dry and needs to be thrown away, that is a big mistake. In fact, there are ways you can do to restore your mascara to its original state. You can put your dry mascara in a cup of hot water in just one minute. In addition, you can also drop several eye drops into your mascara so it does not dry out. After that, you can use your mascara again. It is easy, right? You can also use this method for eyeliner, yes!

6.     Long lasting lipstick

For those of you who do not want to touch up lipstick often when you are out of the house, you can use this method. You can stick a piece of tissue to your lips, and then use a powder brush to apply it to your lips. In this way, you can get long-lasting lipstick results.

7.     Ice Cube to Get Rid of Pores

Do you know if you apply ice cube to your face in a daily basis for just 5 minutes a day, it will help to get rid of pores?

To use it, check out the steps as follows:

  • Coat the ice cubes with a clean tissue or cloth.
  • Paste it on the large pores slowly.
  • Avoid applying ice cubes directly.