Augusta Georgia Air Conditioner Repair And Maintenance Contractors

In Augusta, the temperature doesn’t dip too low during the winter months. Most of the year is relatively mild. That doesn’t mean the air conditioner stays in use for that entire time, but it does have more extensive use than other states during the summer season and further into the fall.

That means taking care of the system a little more attentively with adequate upkeep from reputable, well-qualified Augusta HVAC repair pros in the form of biannual tune-ups in between which you will perform homeowner tasks.

These contractors will ensure the system runs at peak performance by fixing defects and damages as they occur.

This way, you’re not consistently calling for emergent repairs and paying extensive costs, nor are you facing the potential of an inopportune unit shutdown. When should you be servicing your AC equipment? Let’s learn together.

How Can Preventive Maintenance Benefit Your AC Equipment

For residents living in Augusta, Georgia, it’s likely your air conditioners work a little harder in the summer since your temperatures might be a lot hotter than other areas in the country. Perhaps you’ll use the equipment a bit further into the fall since summer might not want to let go as soon as it does in other locations.

With more extensive use, there’s a need for a higher level of care and upkeep between the professional contractor’s biannual tune-ups. You might need to clean the outside unit more frequently and change the filter more often; perhaps even the batteries for the thermostat might need changing sooner than a year.

On the first day of fall, the suggestion is to have it serviced before you shut it down for the winter, and then you’ll do it again when it’s time to restart the equipment in the spring.

The repair contractor can achieve greater efficiency and longevity of the system with adequate tune-ups. Go here for simple tips for keeping the AC system running seamlessly, and then learn a few components of preventive maintenance.

●     The electrical system

The contractor uses the tune-up to inspect the electrical connections and the wiring. If there are any loose connections or wiring becomes worn, these are replaced or fixed to avoid lost power, shutting down the unit.

●     Wear and tear of parts

When parts become worn or broken, the system’s efficiency will diminish. A repair technician finds defects like worn pulleys or belts that might invariably break and replaces these.

●     Coils with grime and dirt

Evaporator coils in the unit take the heat out of the air in the living space, and the condenser coils release that heat outdoors. These coils become coated with grime and dirt over time, causing them to become inefficient in their transfer resulting in the unit working harder and longer to attempt to cool the household.

With the increase in load on the compressor and the fan motor, these can ultimately fail. A repair specialist will clean these coils with the tune-up before the fall and spring seasons. This effort is enough to prevent equipment failure.

●     Controls become faulty or set incorrectly

Technology is convenient and cost-effective but can be challenging and complex at the same time. If you’re unsure how to program, it can be done inaccurately, causing a unit that will either not turn on or will keep running.

The service provider will test the varied controls and the thermostat to assess the accuracy of the temperature and that it holds steady, proper settings with the timer controls, and the batteries have been changed out.

Final Thought

The air conditioning repair specialist will be much more intricate with the tune-up. The profession will navigate clogged lines, assess airflow problems with the potential for blocked ducts, test the refrigerant charge, clean fan blades, and so much more.

The idea is to essentially correct any defects or damages or replace worn and broken parts leaving equipment ready to withstand another season. When you invest in tune-ups, you should only see your contractor twice each year, a good investment.

That’s as opposed to poor maintenance, which can have you investing in constant repairs throughout the entire summer season. In this situation, “absence will most indeed cause your heart to grow fonder.”