Apply These 8 Secret Techniques to Improve 3D Animation Company

Do you currently own or intend to launch a 3D animation company? Sometimes you might realize that your team isn’t productive and you aren’t meeting your business’s needs even though you’re investing so much into it. You could be looking to find ways of improving it.

You can use various techniques to get yourself out of such a situation. As a business owner, you might think improving your team’s skills will help. But there’s a lot more that you must do to get the desired results. This post will discuss some techniques to implement.

Let’s get started.

  1. Watch Genuine Characters

Observing other designers is the best approach to developing your animation skills. There’s so much behind what every development designer comes up with. It is critical that you check what these designers do to come up with high-quality animations that meet their customers’ expectations. 

One of the factors you will rely on when creating animations is your understanding of brain science. Look into the manners of thinking to ensure the characters you’ll create for your animation work. This will help you cement the messages you share through visual elements.

  1. Film Yourself

It will help to act out an activity that your character will do to get a clear picture of what to expect. The reality is that you cannot know how a character will play out if you sit at your table all day. It is advisable to put yourself in their shoes and film yourself playing their role.

There is equipment that you can use to record yourself in real-life. Your smartphone can come in handy if you are wondering what to use. And you don’t need extra hands to do it in this age of selfies. You can showcase a scene and evaluate it before getting to work.

  1. Be Straightforward With Your Apparatus

There’s so much that you can accomplish with the right tools. Many people might argue that your ability as a designer is the most critical factor, but then again, ability without the right tools won’t deliver good results. That’s why every established 3D animation company invests in equipment.

The framework you adopt will guide you on the tools to use. But it will be advisable to ensure you customize these tools to your needs. The best means to leverage are those that leave you free to vitalize. This will offer you the freedom to employ the characters as you deem most effective.

  1. Time How Your Characters Develop

It is worth noting that animated characters develop over time. Thus, you cannot ignore time since the world itself is represented by time. And as an animator, this time is in your control, so you can use it how you want. However, the results will reveal how well you managed your time.

The best way to ensure proper time management is by timing yourself and your characters. It will make it easier to peruse the outcomes and draw conclusions from your work. Also, the time a character takes to develop will tell you whether they are happy or feeling down and upset.

  1. Reuse Essential Animations

This is another excellent technique to use if you want to improve 3D animations. It will not only help you improve animations but also help increase your working speeds.Having readily available basic animations will save you the time and work required to build them from scratch.

Identifying these basic animations would be the best place to start. These are animations that you might have to use more frequently than others. Identifying them and having them ready will make your work easier. It will give you the desired headstart to ensure a smooth workflow.

  1. Utilize a Fundamental Model

Source: Pixabay

You also need to ensure you utilize a fundamental model. But how you use the model depends on how you try to play the animation. You might need to conceal the high goals model while working with your character’s general motion, then shift to an intermediary model.

It is also possible to get back to the high-detail model later. This will allow you to incorporate more details into your work. You can be sure that taking a shot at the primary zones of development will become easier. Also, it will help lessen the strain on your network and simplify work.

  1. Counterbalance Your Keys

You should also be aware of and strive to improve how you achieve a normal progression as an animator. It will help to know how you can draw behind your character to create a perfect animation. The best way is to ensure that the root stays fixed at the pelvic point as you work on the rest.

You can accelerate this process by revivifying the base. The rest will be to duplicate your animation to the remaining parts and smoothen the joints to make it look natural. You might not notice any motion at first, but then you’ll see it move a case or two by the end of this step.

  1. Expectation, Activity, Response

This is another principle that you must learn as an animator. You should know how your character behaves when anticipating something. Look at how they act and the reaction that follows. These three fundamental zones are critical in your work.

Various developments work on this principle. Thus, you need to master it if you want to improve your design skills. For instance, you might need to apply them when creating facial animations


If you would like to expand your 3D animation company, you should implement the following techniques. Improving your 3D animation skills can be an excellent idea for you as a designer. But this article has revealed that there’s a lot more you should do to get the desired results.

You can now incorporate these tips into your 3D animation studio. It is impossible to avoid 3D animation. We are surrounded by animation in myriad ways, and we cannot escape it. All you need to do is choose the best techniques and start applying them.