AmazingTalker Review in 2022

AmazingTalker is an excellent resource for finding native-speaking language instructors to help you gain online confidence in your speaking and listening abilities. This review will delve deeper into what to anticipate from AmazingTalker’s service, as well as some of the advantages and cons, given that it offers a wide variety of language teachers, including high-quality and native English Tutors.

You can use AmazingTalker no matter your English proficiency level. Okay, then, let’s get going!

Do you wish to broaden your linguistic horizons? Using AmazingTalker, you may have a private, online English Tutor to improve your language skills. In addition, there are language instructors in several languages that you can take.

What Is AmazingTalker?

Language learning is made easier with AmazingTalker, an online tuition service. Each student receives individualized attention from a qualified instructor who works with them one-on-one to help them achieve their academic and professional objectives.

Students can get assistance whenever it is convenient for them because of their round-the-clock availability. So that students can rest assured that they are getting the most out of their tutoring dollars, we also offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

How Does AmazingTalker Work?

Few know how AmazingTalker works. AmazingTalker gives students complete control, which is one of its best advantages. Every instructor who registers must develop a presentation video and a profile.

Students can browse profiles and choose the best one.

Students get an academic schedule as well. They can make a class calendar using this timetable. Then, it’s a matter of meeting with the instructor and studying on the agreed-upon schedule.

All sessions are private and tailored to each student’s personality and level. AmazingTalker teaches in Zoom. Zoom is a great platform with features that make learning fluid and dynamic.

How To Use AmazingTalker?

Assuming you’ve signed up for AmazingTalker, here are the next steps.

First, find an appropriate tutor. You can do this by looking through our tutor profiles and reading reviews from other students. After finding an instructor, mail them to schedule a lesson.

Prepare your lecture next. This signifies having a focus or goal. It could be accent improvement or vocabulary expansion. Tell your tutor your goal so they can assist you in reaching it.

It’s lesson time! Your instructor will help you practice speaking and provide feedback. Between lessons, they may assign assignments.

Finally! You’ll become a better speaker with these simple methods.

How Does AmazingTalker Select Their Tutors?

First, prospective tutors must meet some stringent requirements: To be a tutor, you need to have taught before or have a certificate that says you can teach a language.

Secondly, a stringent interview procedure: All tutors who want to teach on AmazingTalker must undergo strict approval and pass a sample lesson.

Third, intensive training for all potential tutors: AmazingTalker gives tutors extra training to help them improve their teaching and language skills.

Fourth, a tutor-ranking system powered by AI: AmazingTalker’s AI ranking system always looks at how well teachers do so that it can give suggestions for the best tutors.

AmazingTalker Pricing

AmazingTalker is a teacher marketplace; thus, your income depends on the rate you set compared to other teachers’ rates.

The company claims its finest tutors make between $ 38.40 and $ 177.60 per hour, or $ 5,196 to $ 14,548, although most make much less. AmazingTalker English instructors charge $15 to $28 for a 50-minute private session and $6 to $10 for a 25-minute trial lesson. Rates vary by country and type of English teaching offered. 100% satisfaction guarantee.


AmazingTalker’s key advantages include the variety of available language specialties, the absence of an interview process, and the fact that anyone fluent in English and has some work experience can apply for a position there, regardless of their credentials or nationality.

On the other hand, the uncertainty of bookings and the high (initial) fees mean that not everyone will be able to take advantage of them.