All You Need To Know About SWEAT Coins – Fact Sheet From KuCoin

KuCoin is considered one of the foremost well-liked cryptocurrency exchanges and an easy and safe platform worldwide. It’s an easy-to-use platform for digital assets like Bitcoin, ETH USDT, Litecoin, USDT, etc. Also, KuCoin users will access several platform options, like getting cryptos with credit and debit credit, staking rewards, swapping crypto with zero fees, and more. These days we tend to discuss all you need to know about SWEAT Coins, a fact sheet from KuCoin.

Sweat Token

The new token SWEAT can formally was launched on thirteen Sep. However, $1m of the crypto has already been sold out on DAO Maker, marking the transition from users simply making the app’s sweatcoin to generating crypto by walking. Over 40,000 folks took half within the public sale, which sold out, entered a quarter-hour, and set records for the platform, each in range of participants and time to sell out. Over twenty-five billion sweatcoins have been created to this point that would be matched in crypto at the TGE.

What Are Sweat Coins?

Sweatcoin is a free move-to-earn app with over 64M downloads that helps you earn in exchange for moving. You walk, and also the application counts the steps. And it concerns these steps that you get the returns. You’re paid rewards daily. The returns are paid within the native token of the application, that is, SWEAT. The SWEAT token was launched after its creation. The vision of this application is to contribute to society. However so? Thanks to the SWEAT coin you earn, you may be accustomed purchase several NFT and funky products within the virtual marketplace. However, this token also can be born-again into cash that may be given to charity and used for no matter what purpose you would like.

How To Earn Cash With coin?

Sweatcoin is like several alternative move-to-earn fitness applications. To begin earning on the application, you initially got to transfer it and find a profile. After that, you need to log in to your health and fitness data and connect it with the phone’s GPS with the app’s. Once that’s done, you’re absolved from moving. The primary level of SWEAT coin, referred to as the Mover, permits you free movement and provides you returns consequently. However, with level upgrades, the add you wish to pay conjointly will increase. The application has an intrinsic huntsman that counts the steps you walk. You’re paid around 0.95 sweat or SWC tokens for a thousand steps.

What Am I Able To Purchase With SWEAT coin?

Once you’ve got enough SWEAT coin to buy, you’ll move to the SWEAT coin marketplace within the app to check what you’ll purchase. As of this writing, choices embody audiobooks, a male compression tiptop, an iPhone eight, and a curved Samsung tv. You may notice that each choice is priced or supported by the product’s value. Want $1,000 in money from PayPal? It’s going to price you 20,000 SWEAT coin. A $50 NIKE gift card prices 3,650 SWEAT coin.

Can I Send Sweatcoin To Friends Or Family?

You bet. In the app, there is a choice to “Send to a friend.” Select that, and choose the individual to send some or all of your SWEAT coin. That person can get credit for that quantity and can be ready to use the SWEAT coin as their own.

What If I Need To Compete With Friends And Family?

Go for it. A feature within the SWEAT coin app may allow you to follow your friends and family and build a leaderboard to check who’s doing the most effective job of staying healthy.


KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange’s service isn’t restricted to purchasing and trading crypto tokens for Altcoins or fiat currencies. KuCoin’s crypto loan service for specific interest rates also differs from the opposite crypto exchanges worldwide. The website is kind of easy and simple to navigate. It’s divided into numerous sections for straightforward signup, and once that is done, one will begin trading. The gathering of supported cryptocurrencies like trade Dogecoin and fiat currencies is spectacular. During this post, we tend to speak well concerning the Sweat coin, which is extremely well-liked in today’s time. You need to check the higher section for a lot of information.