All About Honda Civic 11th Generation!

The new Honda civic is making quite an impact on the market. It’s been over a month since Honda showcased the car, and also revealed its specifications and specifications.

Our expert in car driving drove the brand new Honda Civic for about a month to get a feel for the true beauty of the car. Today, we’ll share what our expert has to say about the design, ride, feel and cost for the new 11th-generation Civic. Before we get started we’ll talk about the story of the Honda Civic in Pakistan. Also Read: Honda City Price in Pakistan


The initial Honda Civic that came to Pakistan in 1993 was the fifth generation model. Through the years, Honda locally produced and launched the most recent generation of Civic models. From the various models made available that were produced in Pakistan the 10-generation Civic is the one that was most well-loved. The most anticipated model however is the one that was recently released 11th generation.

This 11th-gen Honda Civic has won the North American Car of the Year award in the US. But has the latest 11th generation model lived up to Honda Civic’s 30 years older legacy in Pakistan? Let’s discover.


Honda has launched the new Civic in three versions: Standard, Oriel, and RS. We’ll be reviewing the top of the line Civic RS variant.


When it comes to looks it appears that the new Civic is imposing and has a broad stance. When we view this from the rear, it appears as if the previous Civic had an lip filler. The front fascia has eyebrow-shaped LED DRLs, a matrix-style 3-D LED bi-beam headlights as well as an ebony black hammerhead grille as well as a honeycomb-style lower-grille and lighting for the fog lamps that are LED. Civic Oriel and Standard variants include halogen headlights. This is a minor disappointment.

On the side The most prominent aspect is the alloy 17-inch wheels with matte black finishes. The wheels are only available for the RS version. The other two versions get 16-inch alloy wheels that have an ultra silver-colored finish. The RS version comes with piano black linings on the doors, side-view mirrors bumpers, and an antenna with shark fins. The side profile features two distinct lines that run from the front to the rear, adding the car’s sportiness.

The front lights that look like curtains are similar to those we see on the Audi A4. The most noticeable characteristic of the rear is an RS special ducktail spoiler, which is piano black. The RS variant also features two exhaust tips that have chrome linings. This is not present with the rest of the versions.

When we open to the car’s trunk, we can see an NVH-insulated carpet in the boot. This is fantastic because it helps reduce the noise of traffic inside the cabin. It has 409 litres space in the boot and a large spare wheel as well as a tyre-repair toolkit. A fascinating thing is that when you put the key in the trunkarea, it does not close, reminding you that you’ve put the key inside the.

With its contemporary exterior styling and gorgeous looks this brand new Honda Civic gets a perfect 10/10 .

There are many ways to get into the brand Honda Civic. Honda Civic. You can use the remote key as well as an RS unique smart card, also known as an wallet key, in order to get into the car. Keep the card in your pocket and then place your hands on the door for the driver’s handle and the car will instantly locked. Also Read: Honda BRV Price in Pakistan


The latest Honda Civic has a completely revamped interior. It’s fresher, more mature and has a vintage feel that evokes the 1970s and 1960s-style American muscle automobiles. From the moment you step inside the car, this brand new interior creates a great first impression.

The RS model is dark grey with a black interior that has red stitching on various places like the steering wheel as well as the gear knob, meters and the seats. There’s plenty of legroom and headroom both in the front and the back. The cabin can comfortably accommodate five adults to travel in the city and four adults on longer trips.

There’s a leather-wrapped 3-spoke steering wheel that has media control and the MID (Multi-Information Display) control and cruise control buttons as well as paddle shifters.

The instrument cluster is divided into two sides. It has a digital speedometer on the right, and the 7-inch LCD screen to the left. The screen displays the digital tachometer along and other data including the range, the fuel average and average speed, the driving time, driver’s alert maintenance, safety as well as other information. The information can be changed using the steering control knob and also customize the display.

In addition, we’ve got the 9.2-inch, tablet-style Android touchscreen that is something new for the Civic. All prior models, both international and local Civic models featured Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functions. The phone’s connectivity works perfectly as does the screen and audio. However, if you’re an avid listener You won’t be happy with the standard sound quality of the speakers.

The most appealing feature of it is its honeycomb mesh AC grille, which has joystick knobs. In the middle of the grille, it is a dual-zone temperature control system appears stunning with its tactile buttons and knobs.

The seats made of leather in this model are cushioned and extremely comfortable when compared to the previous model. Our tester drove the car around the city, along road, as well as the track of a race and was impressed by the comfort of the seats.

Civic RS has welcoming red ambient lighting on the front door Two LED lights are located in the centre console, as well as an ambient light in red that is located in the footrest. We would have loved ambient lighting inside the honeycomb grille, but it’s good enough. Overall the lighting is fantastic. You won’t be blinded by the sunroof switch or the buttons on the centre console as well as the driver’s chair controls.

We’ve complained about some design and quality issues in the previous Civic model. However, this time around, Honda has really worked long and delivered absolutely no complaints. The build and design of the new model is impressive.

We do have some issues to be unhappy about. One of these is the infotainment system that is a cheap feature for your car and runs an outdated operating system, Android 9.0 operating system. another is the absence of wireless phone charging function. Also Read: Honda Civic Price in Pakistan

The primary goal on this Expert Review is to report the experience driving this vehicle. Let’s begin.


Our expert tested the car around the city, along the roads and the track of a race. After driving for around 1500 kilometers, he was able to find the latest Honda Civic drive to be an ideal balance between the comfort and control.

The latest Civic features a comfortable suspension, excellent handling and road grip, and a smooth ride. The engine is equipped with all the power you’d expect from a most powerful C-segment sedan in Pakistan.

Fuel Average

The latest Honda Civic gives you a mileage of 9-10 km/L in city traffic and approximately 14km/L for highway. That is quite impressive.


Honda Civic RS has two airbags, ABS, EBD, Vehicle Stability Control and Hill Assist Control and Traction Control as well as Honda Sensing safety suite with Collision Mitigation Braking System, Lead Car Departure Notification System, Road Departure Mitigation System with adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keep Assist Traffic Sign Recognition and an Auto High beam. All of these features allow you to drive more easily and secure.

By using adaptive cruise control the vehicle keeps a constant distance from the car ahead at the speed you have set.

Lead Notification of Car Departure System informs you that the vehicle in the front of you has moved through standing-still zone.

Lane Keep Assist alerts you via fast vibrations on your steering wheel whenever you switch lanes with no indicator.

Collision Mitigation Braking System detects a potential collision ahead with another object or vehicle and warns the driver to brake.

The Traffic Sign Recognition feature detects road signs that read the speed limit as well as other information from the signs and displays the information on the instrument cluster’s screen.

Auto High Beam function recognizes light sources in front of your vehicle and then adjusts the brightness of your headlights for your vehicle.

With all these safety features in mind, keeping all of these features in mind, the new Civic isn’t the most secure car in Pakistan. International models have an excellent five-star safety score However, we’re not convinced that the local version can live at the same level of security since it has only two airbags.