Advantages & Disadvantages of Hair Spa: What to Know?

It is true that hair spas sound very pampering and exciting. They bring the freshness and revitalisation. But you know what; there is always two sides to everything. No denying that hair spas are wonderful and bring ease and smoothness and comfort in your hair and scalp; but not to miss the dark side. Where there are abundant advantages, there are a few disadvantage of hair spa too that you should be aware of.

Remember, experts feel that getting hair spa treatment from time to time is okay. But if you are getting it too often or every day, it could be harmful for your hair and scalp.  If you don’t have any idea about what really hair spa is then here it is in brief. A hair spa is a salon treatment that simply helps to repair as well as rejuvenate your dull and lifeless locks. It massively consists of four steps – oil massaging, then shampoo, hair mask, and even proper conditioning.  The entire process relaxes your scalp and even leaves your hair soft and absolutely smooth.  It aids you in providing proper conditioning and nourishment to your scalp, hair roots, and even hair follicles. Have a look at some advantages as well as disadvantages of hair spa.

Repairs your damaged and frizzy hair

Did you know that hair spa even reverses hair harm? With distinct type of conditioning procedures, it infuses the essential nutrients to the hair strands to simply replenish the lost moisture and even hydration.  Apart from this, hair massage is an integral area of any spa therapy that helps to stimulate the blood circulation to follicles to enhance your hair’s present condition. 

Hair root strengthening 

Weak hair roots are the commonest problem these days. Pollution, harsh hair care products, massive heat can be the culprit behind weak and your fragile root strength.  Hair spa advantages your hair by simply nourishing and even revitalizing the hair follicles, which in turn makes them somewhat thicker and less vulnerable to breakage. 

Reduces stress and boosts blood circulation

Hair spa treatments are a wonderful way to de-stress yourself. Head massage and even steaming during spa aids to improve the blood circulation in your overall scalp and head area that subsequently helps to calm down the mind. 

Unblock the scalp pores 

Silicone builds up from hair cosmetic and even environmental impurities head to clogged pores on your scalp. Hair spas aid to unclog the pores via steaming. This hair taming procedure simply helps to get rid of impurities submitted in pores that finally save your hair from dandruff, hair fall, and even rough hair.

Quick disadvantages 

Fades hair color

Though your hair may look glossy after a hair spa. It could be a bit difficult if you have coloured hair.  Regular hair spas incline to fade the shades of hair. Before opting for hair treatment, it is best to talk to your hair expert.

Hair loss

A few of the research findings have revealed that harsh chemical ingredients used in diverse steps of hair cosmetic processes may head to severe hair loss. In case you are already tackling with hair loss issues, then take the advice of a dermatologist before you get ahead with this.


To sum up, since you have a quick idea about hair spa advantage and disadvantage , make sure that you get the perfect experience for you.