A Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing Your Cbd Payment Processor

You may have encountered numerous issues if you offer CBD-related goods and have sought to partner with a payment processor business. The fact that marijuana is legal in many places is the critical factor for the high demand for merchant accounts for CBD. It is first and mainly a marijuana-derived substance, which is still illegal on the federal level. 

People that want to enter this billion-dollar sector must have a method of accepting payments because it is constantly developing and does not appear to be slowing down. Finding high-risk cbd payment processor like eager to offer you this service and securing your company by utilizing legitimate payment gateways are therefore necessary.

What kind of Payment Processor should CBD Merchants choose?

As a result of their increased vulnerability to chargebacks and fraud, businesses in the cannabis sector get classified as high-risk. As a result, your CBD merchants cannot use a standard payment processor. They will have to collaborate with a payment gateway that can handle high-risk transactions instead.

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The ideal payment processors for your high-risk organizations will have a demonstrated track record of success working with them. It will guarantee that not only can any problems be resolved swiftly and skillfully, but your CBD merchants also accept payments safely and securely.

Why a High-Risk Merchant account for CBD Business?

As you might anticipate, the processing sector has categorized CBD products as very high-risk, making it significantly more difficult and costly to obtain a merchant account. Organizations can be classified as high-risk for a variety of reasons, but the key ones for 

CBD products are:

  1. Unsupported claims about the goods’ efficacy.
  2. High chargeback rates.
  3. Legal difficulties are affecting the product’s distribution.

Chargebacks are a well-known issue for almost all businesses, but the likelihood of one happening with CBD goods is far higher. Sadly, the unsubstantiated claims of CBD’s health benefits that we’ve covered above increase the possibility that customers may request a refund if they believe the CBD-based product they bought didn’t help them or leave them feeling significantly better.

What about high-risk payment processors?

Since CBD products get linked to cannabis, there is understandable why there is some stigma and disagreement over their risks. Many well-known payment processors are still wary of processing transactions involving CBD products. Due to this, many of them do not recognize any payments for CBD products. Because of this, owners of CBD-related businesses get forced to scramble to find payment processing firms that allow CBD-related payments and transactions.

What to Consider When Choosing a CBD Payment Gateway?

In the United States, consumption of CBD products ranged from $600 million to $2 billion in 2018, according to sources, and is predicted to reach $16 billion by 2025. That indicates that many eCommerce businesses are considering purchasing a CBD payment processor. 

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However, you should consider certain things before creating a CBD merchant account.

  • High-Risk Availability 

Ensure your prospective CBD payment processor is equipped to handle high-risk transactions to prevent costly fines. The ability of the CBD payment processor you select to handle high-risk transactions is the first thing you must confirm. The issue is that there aren’t many CBD payment processing service providers willing to accept or manage the risks associated with such activities in an industry highly susceptible to payment fraud and chargebacks.

  • Low Fees 

Another thing to remember is that you should never work with a business that overcharges for its services. Some suppliers of payment processing services impose a registration fee, while others do not. Other expenses should also be considered, such as statement fees, terminal fees, non-compliance fees, compliance fees, and chargebacks. Keep all of these things in mind, consider your options, and choose the one that seems most sensible to you.

  • Client Support 

You should be ready for the worst when managing online and offline transactions involving CBD products. Check your service provider how to handle a commercial dispute and shield their clients from fraud before choosing your payment gateway. Customer assistance is what you need to search for in this situation. Make sure the CBD payment processing company you choose provides 24/7 customer support to assist you in handling payment issues whenever they arise.

  • Reasonable Contract 

You will need to sign a contract with each CBD payment processor, and each company has various deals and prices. Please take the time to choose the best fit for your business. Additionally, we advise you to steer clear of companies that solely work to forge long-term relationships, particularly if they lack references to back up their promises.

Things to take into consideration when selecting a CBD payment processing business

Large banks and many other widely utilized payment processing providers, like PayPal, view CBD payments as high-risk, as was previously described in this article. Nevertheless, several businesses specialize in payment processing that will work with CBD businesses. Most of them provide comparable advantages to low-risk firms. When selecting a CBD payment processor, CBD business owners must take the following considerations into account:

  • They must work with your e-commerce website or content management system (CMS): Processing payments will be simple.
  • They provide point-of-sale (POS) accessibility, lessening the administrative burden of payments.
  • They have fair rates: Since CBD payments are high-risk, you should look for a CBD payment processor who provides the best service at competitive costs.


We are all aware of how fiercely competitive the CBD industry is. Therefore, you must be at the forefront of your game to increase your business profit and customer retention rate. The top CBD payment service processors can offer specialized payment solutions that work best for your company. 

They can simplify transactions by removing the difficulties associated with accounting, administrative duties, business maintenance, frauds, chargebacks, and other issues. Overall, be wise when selecting your payment processor by taking your business objectives in mind. To ensure client happiness, offering your consumers safe and effective payment choices is critical. It would be best if you had CBD payment processing that considers all accessible payment methods to run an effective CBD business.

You can dramatically grow your business thanks to this. Selecting the best CBD payment processing business can also assist you in negotiating fair CBD payment processing fees, managing your payment administration systems, avoiding avoidable problems, and complying with legal requirements.