A Short Guide to Embassy Verification Documents 

Document verification is a growing concern for businesses and regulatory bodies of government. Before the pandemic shifted the world to digital processes, banks, businesses and other financial institutions verified the documents by matching the NIC photo with a person. The identity still needs to be verified by several documents. The model of duplicity is very high in this modern era. To maintain the level of reliability and validity, document verification plays a vital role in identifying the authenticity of documents. 

Documents Frauds 

Identity theft is a document fraud of managing counterfeit fraud to perform illegal immigration, payments, or other types of scams. There are four main types of documents that include false documents, modified documents, pseudo documents, or forgery images and the other one is counterfeit documents.

  1. Pseudo Documents 

Pseudo documents are totally fake documents. They mostly have significant features missing in the documents like holograms or watermarks. The ID might look real to people because the person is pretending to be someone and it’s enough to fool people. 

  1. Modified Documents 

These documents work like a bridge between false and pseudo documents. They altered the display version of personal documents like NIC or passports. 

  1. False Documents 

These documents are genuine documents but they become false when the third party starts using them. A stolen passport might get involved in criminal activity leaving the victim to face loss. 

  1. Image fraud 

Image fraud mostly happens on a digital platform because the user tends to hide the flaws in the images. 

How Does the Embassy Verify Documents?

Online document verification is the process of identifying whether the documents are authentic or not. The documents that are officially issued like driver’s license and bank statements, etc are usually the most verifiable documents. The procedure through which the validity of the document can be seen are stamps, fonts, watermarks, and other materials. The PII data extracted from the front ID is compared against the data on the back of the document read by Machine Readable Zone (MRZ). 

With digital processes, applicants don’t have to be physically available for the validation of their documents. The applicant can simply upload a photo using an app on the website. Recognizing document verification includes: 

  • Facial recognition and detection
  • ID photo match
  • Edge detection
  • Colorspace evaluation
  • Compare the data from front to back
  • Cross-checking

The automated version is much more efficient and effective because it identifies forgery and spoofing while reducing false triggers. 

Features To Verify Documents Online

Online document verification extracts the data from the document, analyzes it, and checks the validity of documents globally without compromising compliance. 

  • Biometric system
  • Artificial intelligence AI and machine learning 
  • Detect forged or low tempered documents 
  • Audit trail
  • OCR and MRZ technology
  • Real-time authentication of personal documents 

Benefits Of Online Document Verification

Here are some benefits of document verification below: 

  • Evaluate documents on a timely basis
  • Speed up the process of customer onboarding 
  • Reduces theft and fraud 
  • Saving businesses and other institutions from major losses 
  • A hybrid approach to automation services 
  • Improves customer experience 
  • Proof of income and employment 

Passport Verify Documents 

A passport document verification is one of the most important and valuable documents. Passport verification documents are one part of embassy verification documents. Passport validation includes biometric data chips to verify the documents online. 

Documents Attestation

Documents that require attestation include the following:

  • Educational documents/ degrees
  • Birth certificate 
  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Bank statement 
  • Marriage/divorce certificate 
  1. Attesting Personal Documents

Embassy verification documents identify documents for foreign authorities and the transaction finishing process requires an original identity card (NIC) or a valid passport. If an applicant sends documents through mail, attach a copy of the NIC card and passport before completing the process. And lastly, attach the fee of the document. 

  1. Attesting Commercial Documents

The ministry of foreign affairs or the chamber of commerce must approve the documents. If the documents are not verified by the ministry of foreign affairs, certain documents will not be attested. The application will proceed within 4 working days. 

Final Thoughts 

So, Validate and identify the validity of documents using OCR optical character recognition, AI artificial intelligence, and MRZ for better security and safety. Fraudsters always find ways to exploit the financial services so businesses need to take it as a challenge and take a step toward solving the problem. Digital verification prevents businesses and other institutions from several types of fraud because they detect suspicious events by using a combination of human intelligence. Moreover, With these solutions, users have better access to process their documents online, and they can manage their compliance requirements in a much better way.