8 Common Misconceptions Folks Have About Teddy Bears

Teddy bears are insanely adorable creatures people love worldwide. We all love playing with their soft plushy fur and hugging them tightly whenever we feel low. Isn’t it? Yet, people think that their charisma is only limited up to a certain age, and it feels not very pleasant to take them on outings. They forget that a personalized custom bear makes the best gift for people of all ages. There are more blind misconceptions and myths they have about teddy bears that have no relevance. Stick to this blog to find out some strange misconceptions.

Misconceptions About Teddy Bears Which Are Not True:  

  1. Teddy Bears Are Inanimate Objects

Some people commonly perceive teddy bears don’t have emotions and feelings of human value. However, it is not true at all, as when you look them in the eyes, an ocean of immense love and compassion is visible very clearly. Moreover, babies and all the people close to you don’t feel special in vain when gifted with squishy teddy bears as they have the innate ability to provide comfort and warm cuddles. 

  1. Stuffed Bears Are Only For Children

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about teddy bears is the belief that you can only give teddy bears to toddlers and children. By persisting in this belief, they tend to judge the problems and issues in adults’ lives. However, if a kid finds comfort in the cuddles and playing with the soft fur of a huge teddy bear, then so can an adult too. Imagine coming home tired to relax in the arms of a giant pink teddy bear. You won’t feel like leaving the warm hold of your teddy bear so soon.

  1. You Can Clean Plush Teddy Bears With Other Toys

Taking care of a sponge-like teddy bear is a big responsibility on your shoulders. Their natural beam and adorable look may get ruined if you don’t handle them with the utmost respect. Unfortunately, people believe that to clean the stuffed bears; they can either clean them either way or throw them in a machine with other clothes or toys. But doing this will fade away the beautiful colors, and soft fur will lose its charm. 

4.   Plush Teddy Bears Serve No Useful Purpose 

People who don’t know how tremendously a teddy bear can change their lives upside down. They are missing out on the various benefits of having a teddy bear. From a dull face to a sudden gleam of a smile, from an emotional breakdown to a comforting hug from a teddy bear is a great companion for people of any age. Moreover, the early child development they induce in infants is appreciable. They are just one hug away from wrapping you up in a comfort shield.

5.   Teddy Bears Are Not Fun To Play With

People tend to think that playing with teddy bears is a thing of the past, and now they don’t like to spend much time with them. But they might not have thought about taking their plush teddy bears to picnics or reading their favorite bedtime story. Apart from this, you should try taking your adorable plushies for a little trip with you. Moreover, gift a custom bear as a personalized possession by customizing it with a personal message or a photo of you with your loved one to make the experience even more special to play with it.

6.   A Teddy Bear Is Just A Lump Of Fur

Many believe a teddy bear is only a lump of fur and stuffing, but that’s not true. Their soft and squashy fur makes them an all-time favorite comfort provider. They help in boosting our mental health immensely. You can cling to them when you need a good listener and in times of support. Moreover, they are a sweet token of love because of their enchanting adorability, and your close ones will always miss you seeing them. 

7.   A Dirty And Torn Teddy Bear Can Create A Havoc For Health 

People usually throw away their old teddy bears once they get worn & tear. What you should care about is giving them a gentle wash. Moreover, giving them nice clothes can hide their dirt and tear out fabric well. You can take them to repair also as the fur can regain its shape by some sewing methods. 

8.   Taking Out Teddy Bears In Public Is Embarrassing 

Most people are afraid or feel embarrassed to take out their teddy bears in public places. They feel other people at restaurants, department stores, or amusement parks will mock them. Moreover, think of how your children throw tantrums and spill their food, so it can be a very good trick to distract them from all their mischiefs. Finally, imagine a nice pink teddy bear giving away cozy vibes with you on your vacation. It will give you an experience of a memorable trip. 


Undoubtedly, teddy bears have come a long way from their historical ups and downs. They are surely beloved stuffed animals for everyone. Almost everyone has memories of playing with their teddy bears still afresh. But people need to understand that you don’t need to be of a kid’s age, or others won’t mock you if you still love teddy bears. They instantly set the tones of joy whenever you gift them to someone. Now, explore all kinds of teddy bears, from giant ones to small squishy ones, from huge stuffed bears to cute koalas fearlessly. 

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