5 Things to Know About Keeping Your Elderly Loved One Healthy

As people get older, it is a fact of life that health issues begin to develop or worsen. 

It is also a fact of life that with the majority of households now having a relative who is over  65, more people want to keep their elderly loved ones in the best health that they can. Elderly care needs, unsurprisingly, differ from those of younger people. This means that to help keep your elderly loved one in the best shape, you will need to take a very different and active approach. 

What is the easiest way to do this? Read on to find out.

Encourage Participation

One thing you can do for your elderly relative(s) is to encourage them to make new friends and go out as often as they can.

Social interaction among the elderly has been found to reduce many of the symptoms of dementia and can also help your loved one to reduce their stress as they talk to others in their age groups. Indeed, a core advantage of having an elderly community, like Atlanta senior living establishments, is that there will be other people there who can keep your loved one company.

Encourage Sleep

Irrespective of age, sleep is incredibly important. However, for those who are older, issues such as discomfort or degenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s may be making it difficult for them to sleep. No sleep or poor sleep equates to lower levels of functioning.

So, encouraging exercise, activities, and a good diet will help your loved one to get those all-important 40-winks. If they continually have issues with poor sleep, call a doctor. 

Healthy Diet and Supplements

Leading on nicely from the former point, food and hydration play a large part in sleeping well.

If your elderly relative is drinking coffee at 7.30 at night, they are probably not going to be getting a good night’s sleep. Or, if they eat their meals too late, digestion can impact things like acid reflux. It is important to talk openly about nutrition with your elderly relative, and if there are any concerns that they have, you should contact a doctor or other healthcare professional for advice on supplements that may help.

Keep Up to Date with Check-Ups

While it may not be very popular, to keep on top of your loved one’s health and well-being, they will need to attend regular check-ups with the doctor, dentist, and opticians. These are all crucial to spotting signs of illness.

Try to Get Them Moving

Sitting in a chair for hours on end does no one any good, especially people who have arthritis and other painful conditions. While no one is suggesting that your loved one should run a marathon, it is a good idea to encourage them to take part in some movement exercises. This can be in the home, or it could be at a local center, and may be based around yoga or Tai Chi. Exercise will keep the joints supple and will help to reduce stress and depression too.