5 Reasons Why uPVC Respray is Better Than a Replacement

As a homeowner, if you’ve noticed that your uPVC windows, doors, and conservatory are starting to look dated and worn-out, your first thought shouldn’t be to have them replaced. This is because, most of the time, the reason for their dated appearance could just be cosmetic wear and tear with no effect whatsoever on functionality. This means that your uPVC windows and doors may lose their lustre and appearance but still maintain their function. 

If this is the situation, there is no need to pay for a costly replacement when you can just respray. Having your uPVC resprayed by an expert spray painting company like PBM Paints is all you need to fix their worn-out appearance and have them looking good as new – or you could even paint it yourself. Still not convinced? Below are 5 reasons why a uPVC respray is better than a replacement. 

1. Respraying is Faster Than a Replacement

Replacing your uPVC windows, doors or conservatory requires a lot of building work, from stripping off the existing uPVC to fixing in new ones. All of these activities can take a long time to complete (anywhere from a few days to weeks), not to mention the disruption to your daily routine. Respraying, on the other hand, can be carried out fairly quickly, with the process taking less than 24 hours to complete. 

2. Very Cost-effective 

One of the biggest advantage respraying has over replacement is the cost. With replacements, you will have to cover the costs of all the building work that is done in addition to the cost of new windows and doors, all of which will leave a sizeable dent in your pocket. Respraying is an alternative that is just as effective in transforming the appearance of your uPVC while saving you up to 80% of what you would have spent on a replacement.

3. You can Change the Colours

Respraying also makes it very easy to change the colour of your uPVC windows and doors. This can be a way for you to modernise and make your property stand out. There is a wide range of available colours to choose from, so finding a colour that complements the colour scheme of your home will not be difficult.

4. Minimal Clean-Up

The building work (breaking of hinges, resetting of screws) required for replacing uPVC windows, doors and conservatories can leave quite a mess once your project is completed. This isn’t the case with respraying. During respraying, the floors, adjacent walls and all other areas that are not to be sprayed will be properly taped and masked off, so your home remains intact after the spraying is complete. 

5. High UV Protection for the uPVC Plastic

Since your windows, doors and conservatory are highly exposed to direct sunlight, the UV rays from the sun can cause their colours to become yellowed (faded) and replacing them every time this happens isn’t the cheapest or best solution. Respraying your uPVC is a way for you to give it an extra layer of protection from the sun. The specialised paints used for the spraying will leave a UV-resistant finish that guarantees the increased lifespan of your doors and windows.


Respraying your uPVC is a great alternative to total replacement. It offers the benefits of being faster and more cost-effective, with minimal clean-up, great UV-resistance and a wide range of available colours.