4 Ways To Sleep Better And Live Better

Feeling good is not enough just to spend 8 hours in bed. Sleep quality is essential for maintaining health, productivity, and an attractive appearance. We will tell you how to get enough sleep and gush with energy.

Practice The Sleep And Wake-Up Time At The Same

Social jet lag is a term you will probably hear from a sleep specialist if you seek help. We are talking about a typical situation when on working days, a person at least follows the regime, and on weekends he goes into all severe trouble: he goes to bed deep after midnight, wakes up closer to dinner – and on Monday, he bitterly regrets what he has done. 

Acting in this way means constantly testing your biological clock’s strength. The human body loves constancy the most. It is necessary for the correct and timely synthesis of hormones, harmonizing all metabolic processes, and quality rest. If you wake up and go to bed constantly, no matter the day or season, your body will work efficiently, and you will feel better in the morning.

1- Take care of your back

Back pain is one of the main reasons why people toss and turn in bed without sleep and, naturally, feel overwhelmed in the morning. Even banal overexertion in the lower back or shoulders is enough to ruin the night. To prevent this from happening, experts advise contacting a specialist at the first sign of back discomfort without waiting for the pain to become severe and ruin your life. Massage, gymnastics, medicines (in agreement with the doctor!) – all means are good to get enough sleep finally. A pillow or cushion under the knees or between the legs can help if the back muscles are strained.

2- Don’t sleep during the day

Sometimes a 20-30-minute rest is precisely what a person needs in the middle of a working day to reboot. But if you have bouts of insomnia, it is better to refrain from siesta. Instead, taking a short walk, exercising, or switching your attention to other activities can help with post-dinner sleepiness.

3- Find a comfortable mattress

The myth that a mattress should be complex lives on and thrives, but experts unanimously say that a mattress should, first of all, be comfortable. The concept of comfort is different for all people, and it’s not necessary to suffer just because yogis sleep on bare boards and advise everyone to do this. If you relax best in a warm soft bed, arrange yourself just such, and we prefer to use a mattress pad and mattress cover, such as a cooling mattress protector, to make sleep comfortable yet peaceful.

4- Keep clean and hygienic

Mold, dust mites, and fungus love warm cozy beds and easily start there even when people observe personal hygiene. All of these microorganisms are potentially allergenic, and if you experience symptoms such as sneezing, nasal congestion, coughing, peeling, and skin irritation, you are unlikely to be able to sleep soundly. 

To adopt always good night’s sleep, experts advise adopting bamboo bedding such as bamboo sheets and changing mattresses and pillows at least every 10 years, using a mattress topper and washing it regularly, washing bedding at least 60°C, and airing the bed at 10-30 minutes before making it.