3 Interesting Pastimes with a Competitive Element

If you subscribe to the adage “work hard and play hard”, then you probably seek and enjoy competitive sports and pastimes in your free time. For many people, the working week involves long hours of multitasking, attending meetings and juggling a range of responsibilities before going home and spending time with our families and loved ones. People with a competitive streak tend to perform well in their careers but also have a deep desire to compete and test themselves away from the world of work. If you recognize that you are a competitive person by nature and are looking for new challenges, hobbies or pastimes that appeal to the need to compete, then this article will be of immense value. Three interesting pastimes are discussed that both allow you to have fun and compete with other like-minded people will be discussed.

1. Take part in a marathon

Taking part in long distance running events presents numerous opportunities to compete and have fun. Firstly, you need to be fully fit and well prepared for the race you are planning to take part in. This usually involves weeks or even months of preparation as you build strength and endurance and push yourself to run an extra mile or beat your previous best time on a set practice run. On the day of the race itself the fascinating fact for long distance runners is the competitive element itself. Not only are you competing against other runners, but you are also competing with yourself. Pushing hard to beat personal best times in front of a crowd of spectators whilst seeking to overtake competitors from other running clubs makes for an exhilarating sport for those who enjoy finding their limits and attempting to exceed them. If this sounds like you then here are some of the best marathons across the globe to consider taking part in. 

2. Compete in target shooting

If you enjoy the thrill of firing a gun and want to combine it with staying calm under pressure and aiming for pin point accuracy against other firearms fans, then taking part in a target shooting competition may be an ideal competitive pastime. If you are already proficient at this sport it can be beneficial to build your own firearm for competitions to give you an extra edge against other competitors. A custom-made gun is easy to make at home and when constructed to a high standard will give you a weapon that is perfectly suited to your style of shooting. has glock lowers for sale which can provide the vital parts needed to make your own custom handgun for competitive use.

3. Golf tournaments

Golf is renowned as one of the most difficult sports to truly master. Hitting pinpoint drives, chips and putts takes years of practice to perfect and consistency is one of the key traits of the world’s best players. Golf can be a terrific way to relax as well as getting out into nature and playing at scenic venues. As with marathon running, you tend to be competing against yourself as well as other players as you aim to finish a round with your lowest possible score whilst climbing the leader board. If you love the thought of competing at golf here are some of the key amateur golf tournaments available in Europe.