10 Surprising Things That Can Invalidate Your Car Insurance

A massive number of uninsured drivers are thought to be operating vehicles on roads, which contributes to the rising cost of auto insurance. You undoubtedly believe that individuals who drive without insurance should be held accountable, but did you realize that you may be doing it without even realizing it? 

There are several reasons why your auto insurance might not kick in when it counts. Here are some unexpected ways that you can be making your car insurance inoperable.

  1. Your vehicle has been upgraded

If you do not inform your insurer when you upgrade your vehicle, your auto insurance may not be valid. This might apply to something as easy as installing alloy wheels in addition to the more apparent items like enlarging your car’s engine.

  1. Permitting your dog to roam freely inside the car

If you let your dog run around inside your car, it can cause you to lose focus while driving. If you get into an accident, your dog can get the blame, and your insurer might not pay up.

  1. Not paying your installment plan in time 

You must make sure that all of your auto insurance payments are current because if you have one that is past due, even if you have made all other payments as of late, your auto insurance will no longer be valid.

  1. Permitting your MOT to lapse

You might no longer be insured if you neglected to get your automobile its annual MOT. The lack of a current MOT will be seen by insurers as a sign that the vehicle is not roadworthy, which will go against the terms of your motor vehicle policy.

  1. Using your vehicle for work

Some policies feature fine text that outlines what constitutes business use and what does not. Some auto insurance policies might not provide coverage if you drive your vehicle to a one-time business meeting. Even your daily commute is not always covered by insurance packages.

  1. Leaving the keys in the vehicle

Are you one of those persons who occasionally forget their car keys in the ignition? You will not have insurance even if you only leave your car unattended for a minute with the keys inside. Take your car keys with you if you need to quickly return indoors because you forgot anything.

  1. Carpooling

Make sure your insurance provider does not interpret the fact that you are driving pals to work in exchange for payment as evidence that you are operating a taxi service. If you start to profit in any way from car sharing, your auto insurance may become void.

  1. Ignoring traffic signs

Do not ignore road signs warning you that a road is closed or not appropriate for motor vehicles if they advise you to do so. Though there was a sign telling you not to travel there, even if the road appears to be safe to you, you would not be covered by your insurance if you have an accident.

  1. Beginning a new job

If you change jobs or receive a promotion at work, proceed with caution. Because different occupations are thought to carry varying degrees of risk, your work title may have an impact on your insurance rates. If you change jobs, you must notify your insurance provider immediately so that they can continue to provide coverage when you need it.

  1. Withholding a named driver’s driving history from the public

You must provide information about any prior collisions if you add a named driver to your auto insurance policy. You may not be covered to drive your automobile if you fail to inform your insurance provider about the past of a specified driver. 

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